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Promotional Floor Mats | Printed Counter Top Pads

Purchase floor mats and counter top mats printed with your graphics and logos. We deliver these Australia wide directly to your door. Using the very best printers we are able to brand these for you with sharp, vibrant colours that you and your guests will not miss. The great thing about floor mats and counter top pads is that they are an easy and versatile way to really show off your branding and they add an amazing visual touch to your interior decor as well. Use them inside retail shops or merely as part of your display for your exhibition or conference.

Venues We Have Supplied Floor & Counter Mats

Some of the locations where we have supplied floor and counter mats to include:

Pharmacies | Exhibitions | Conferences | Schools | Real Estate Agencies | Banks | Retail shops | Hospitals and more.

Having mats branded with your logo serves a dual purpose of being extremely functional, yet it allows guests to constantly be reminded or introduced to new brand names and products too. It is an incredibly powerful visual medium. Prices exclude Australian GST.

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Cheap Mats Personalized

We have all sorts of floor mats and counter mats as you can see on our website. So what is the difference between cheap options and premium priced options? Both options are supplied to you with identical high quality prints that look amazingly sharp. The difference in price is due to the difference in materials used to create the mat.

  • Budget Mats are best for light, low foot traffic use. They are also great for single use, an example would be in a yearly tradeshow for your organization
  • Premium Mats are best for high traffic use. A retail shop environment would be a perfect example. Although they cost more they are better value in the long run as they will not deteriorate as quickly.

Colour and Design Tips for Your Mats

We would love to print any designs that you may have for both counter and floor mats. If possible we recommend you to avoid printing large areas of white spaces as this colour tends to attract visible dirt extremely easily. If you do not have designs ready for print, or have no inclination to design then simply let us know what you would like to have branded on your mat and we can easily create something for you.

For designs with more impact, you can utilize our graphic designer. For a small fee, simply let us know what type of aesthetic look you would like and we would be able to create some original and attractive designs for you.

Caring for Your Printed Mats

Cleaning stains from your floor mats or counter pads is extremely easy. However, care must be taken as commercially available detergents can be too strong and may effect the print quality on the product. To clean and care for your mat effectively we recommend the following:

Care for your counter mat. We recommend cleaning your counter mat with warm water and a soft towel which would be suitable for most stains. All counter mats feature surfaces that do not absorb dirt or liquids for easy cleaning. For heavily soiled counter mats, use soap and water. Avoid using commercial cleaning detergents as they will affect the print and may lead to the product fading faster than expected

Care for your floor mat. The best way to care for your mat is to clean often. We recommend daily cleaning. If dirt begins to accumulate this will make the mat harder to clean and difficult to maintain its brand new shine. An easy option to clean floor mats is to use water and a hose outdoor to rinse out any dirt after vacuuming.

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