5 Reasons to Go Green With Eco-Friendly Promotional Products

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There is a shift in consumer preferences, particularly when it comes to corporate responsibility and environmental sustainability. The majority of consumers now prefer to do business with organisations that adopt and implement environmentally friendly practices. For pro-environment businesses, it is critical that they communicate their stand clearly and effectively so that consumers can align with them and their cause. Among the most effective ways of conveying that statement to customers is by using promotional eco-friendly products.

Why Choose Eco Products

Sustainable and eco-friendly promotional merchandise have gained more traction as enterprises constantly seek effective means to align their marketing efforts with their pro-environment stance and values. If your company planning to conduct a promotional product campaign, the following reasons should convince you why going eco-friendly is the way forward.

  1. Customers demand it.

There is a surging demand for eco-friendly promotional products. A recent study confirms that 44% of consumers say they are highly likely to purchase from a company that uses sustainable promotional items. Such practice is a clear signal of a company's commitment to environmental security and responsibility, a consideration that has become increasingly crucial and influential in a customer's decision-making process.

  1. Going eco-friendly puts businesses in a positive light.

As consumers become more and more environmentally aware, they also have set a similar standard for their favorite brands. This resulted in the elevation of the sustainability trend into a crucial business imperative that must be met at all costs. As a result, nearly half (46%) of business consumers now tend to hold companies that give out eco-friendly promotional products in a very positive light.

  1. Customers are willing to pay more.

Back in 2020, only 58% of consumers stated willingness to shell out more money for eco-friendly options. Today, the majority of customers across generations - from Baby Boomers to Gen Z - say they are happy to pay more for sustainable products. The rise is evident among Gen X consumers. From 34% in 2020, nearly 90% said they are happy to pay an extra 10% or more if it means supporting sustainable businesses. As the world treads forward, these figures are expected to increase. further

  1. Eco-friendly promotions increase engagement.

Because eco-friendly promotional items are often more creative, unique, and exclusive compared to conventional promotional products, these tend to attract more attention and spark much interest. Increased engagement provides more business opportunities due to more interactions and prolonged conversations. Marketers can capitalise on these key moments, like differentiating themselves from their competitors and steering conversations into their sustainability practices. Ultimately, eco-friendly promotional items make your business stand out from the rest.

  1. Your competition is probably doing it too.

Nearly 100% of senior business executives are aware that consumers expect them to implement their operations in a more sustainable manner. With the environmental sustainability trend gaining more momentum, it's highly probable that your competitors are implementing or planning to implement eco-friendly promotional items to supercharge their campaigns. It's vital that you distinguish your brand in a very crowded and competitive market and meet customer expectations to drive more engagement, attract more businesses, and cultivate brand growth.

Go Green with Cubic Promote

Modern customers are becoming more discerning about their favorite brands' sustainability priorities. Marketing campaigns that involve eco-friendly promotional products are a great way of communicating that message to both existing clients and potential customers.

Cubic Promote supports organisations that prioritise environmental security and sustainability initiatives. We offer a diverse range of eco-friendly promotional products that elevate brands above the competition. Our customisation services help brands appeal to generations of consumers and satisfy their search for responsible and accountable enterprises.








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