Match Apparel With Brand Identity

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Picture this - you're running a small business, and you want to promote it in a unique and creative way. You've tried social media marketing, email campaigns, and online ads but still, you feel like something is missing. That's when customised apparel comes into play. The right set of apparel can help increase your brand visibility while engaging with your target audience in a fun way.

1. Align apparel with brand identity.
2. Select appropriate colours, texts, images.
3. Promotional clothing increases brand visibility.

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Understand Your Brand Identity

Do you know your brand identity? If not, it's time to get clear on what makes your business stand out from others. Clarifying the core values of your business will help you tailor the right set of promotional clothing that aligns with your overall message.

  • Consider aspects such as luxury or affordability.
  • Do you serve sophisticated clients, the public, or kids?
  • Analyse the personality traits of customers and potential customers who prefer your service/products.

By understanding these factors about your business, selecting clothes for promotion becomes easier.

Importance Of Colours, Texts & Images

When it comes to effectively promoting a product or service through promotional clothing, selecting the right colours and texts/images is crucial. Not only do appropriate colours build continuity across print marketing collaterals such as logos and business cards, but they also make products or services easily recognisable amongst consumers. However, having too much text (or images) on a single piece of clothing can detract from its effectiveness due to cognitive overload.

Here are some important points to consider when selecting appropriate colours, texts and images for promotional clothing:

  • Professional companies tend towards muted shades of grey and blue which exude confidence and trustworthiness.
  • Consumer products go for bright colours that are more eye-catching and attention-grabbing (hence easy to spot compared to competitors).
  • Keeping your design simple yet noticeable is key.
  • Use clear and concise slogans or images that people will remember.

Furthermore, research has shown that the psychology of colour can greatly impact how customers perceive a brand. For instance:

  • Blue represents trustworthiness.
  • Red evokes excitement.
  • Green is associated with growth.
  • Yellow symbolises energy.

In terms of textual content, it's best to keep messages short and sweet. It should communicate what you want customers to know about your brand/business without overwhelming them with unnecessary information.

Boost Juice Bars Australia Success Story

Let me share a success story about Boost Juice Bars Australia. The company was looking for an effective way to promote their brand and engage with their target audience. That's when they decided to try promotional clothing.

Boost Juice Bars created custom t-shirts with their iconic logo and catchy slogans. They gave these shirts away as prizes at events and contests, which got people excited about the brand. Within a few months, the word-of-mouth spread rapidly across neighborhoods and sales started increasing.

As more people started wearing Boost Juice Bars' shirts, it became easier for the brand to gain visibility in crowded places like malls or beaches. And on top of that, customers loved receiving free swag that allowed them to show off their favorite juice bar! In short, with strategic use of promotional clothing, Boost Juice Bars Australia successfully boosted its popularity among Aussies nationwide!


Promotional clothing is a creative and effective way of promoting your business to a wider audience. By understanding your brand identity, selecting the right colours, texts and images that align with it, you can create engaging apparel that resonates with your target market. Moreover, when implemented strategically, promotional clothing can help businesses increase their visibility and ultimately boost sales. Take inspiration from Boost Juice Bars Australia's success story and start incorporating promotional clothing into your marketing mix today!



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