Buying Guide: Printed Eco-Friendly Bags

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If you need an idea for a cool promotional item, you can never go wrong with customized promotional eco-friendly bags. Create waves for your brand or company with these sturdy personalised bags that are lightweight, practical and very economical. The best part about these items is that it will not only showcase your company logo, it will also convey your care for the environment to your public.

White Eco-Friendly Bag

  • Eco-Friendly Bag Types

There are several designs to choose from all giving you the opportunity to prominently place your logo for maximum exposure. You want your customised eco-friendly bags to represent the nature of your business or to say something about your new product. You have to pick not only the style of the bag but more importantly the printed logo or corporate message you want your consumers to see and relate to.

  • Foldable Bags

Foldable custom-printed bags are ideal for shopping as they can slip inside a hand bag and just be deployed one the individual has made their purchase in a mall or a department store. These branded bags usually have the size of 40cm w x 36cm h when deployed and can be folded into 20cm w x 10cm h pouches that are handy and compact. Handle dimensions can be 65 x 2.5cm. You can be in various lively colours.

  • Satchel Bags

Go green with recycled non woven polypropylene satchel bags that are ideal as a gift for your employees, suppliers and customers. You can order them in 35cm width and 35cm height, with a handle of 105 x 9 cm. Have them in your corporate colours or in shades of green to promote environmental awareness as well. You can even have other promotional items inside the bag when you hand them out.

  • Wine Bags

Custom-branded wine bags made of non woven material are perfect for holiday give-aways. You can give them to valued suppliers and contractors or to your own employees as well. The standard size for wine bags is 35cm width and 35cm height, with a handle that is 105 x 9 cm. These bags can carry up to 13.6 litres of wine.

  • Sports Bags

Companies in the athletics industry can boost their brands with non-woven custom-branded drawstring sports bags. The size of 39 cm width and 49 cm height is spacious enough for gym materials like towels, drink bottles and a change of clothes. You can print your logo with a size of 25 cm width and 25 cm height.

How to Choose Custom Eco-Friendly Bags

To help you make an informed decision about which eco-friendly bag is right for you, here are some tips on how to choose the perfect one:

  • Consider Your Brand's Image: Think carefully about the image you want your brand associated with when selecting an eco-bag style that will represent it well. You should select a bag that reflects both the quality and values of your business so that customers have positive associations with your brand when they use it.
  • Select Materials That Are Durable & Sustainable: Look for materials that are durable yet still environmentally friendly such as organic cotton or hemp canvas fabric instead of plastic or polyester fabrics which don't biodegrade over time like natural fibers do. Additionally, recycled paper is a great option for more lightweight materials.
  • Choose a Size & Shape That Fits Your Needs: Selecting the right size and shape of eco-bag will depend on what you plan to use them for. For instance, if your goal is to promote your brand among customers who need larger items such as laptops or textbooks, then you might want to opt for a bigger bag than if your goal is just to provide customers with smaller items like samples or snacks.
  • Consider Your Budget: Eco-friendly bags can come at a variety of price points depending on the type of materials and production processes used, so make sure you select an option that fits within your budget constraints.
  • Take into Account the End User: You should also consider who will be using the bags and what their needs are when selecting the right style. For instance, if your target audience is mainly children, then you might want to select a bag with bright colors or fun designs that they'll find appealing.

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