Top 6 Common Drink Bottle Lids: Everything You Need To Know

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bottle lid typesWhen I bought my first vacuum-insulated drink bottle, I made sure that it had a slide-lock lid with a removable straw. I know it's over the top, but I want a drink bottle I can enjoy. Is this how you select a promotional drink bottle? Do you consider your recipient's preference in mind? In addition to the bottle's material, you must also choose the kind of lid appropriate for the customers you intend to attract. In this post, we'll talk about the different types of drink bottle lids to help you decide which one suits the promotional drink bottle that you'll be giving away.

Screw Top Lids

Screw top lids, sometimes known as twist-off lids, are easily attached and removed from the bottle's threads. It's the most common type of bottle lid in the market. As the bottle's neck is where you'll be sipping from, this bottle makes it seem like you are drinking from a glass or cup. But you must unscrew or twist off the cap whenever you need a sip. So, branded screw-top bottles are not ideal for car use, gym classes, or exercise. Plus, some people may not like the feel of the stiff threading around the bottle's neck. It may also be difficult to remove the lid when you screw it too tightly. It is easy to clean this bottle, though, with the help of a bottle brush.

Sport-Cap Lids

You can open and close a sport-cap bottle with just one push of a lever. You can pull them up with your teeth and then tip the bottom of your bottle up into the air to squirt or drip water into your mouth. To close it, you need to push the nozzle down. A personalised sport-cap drink bottle is the best option for individuals who need to hydrate quickly because it can be opened with the teeth or with one hand. However, the mouthpiece is uncovered, which makes it prone to germs, which is a drawback of this kind of lid. It can also leak accidentally if it isn't closed correctly.

Flip-Top Lids

Flip-top lids have a hinge that allows the top to open and close with a satisfying click. Because of the convenience of the flip-top cover and the fact that it can be opened with just one hand, these containers are ideal for on-the-go refreshments. In addition, it has an automatic sealing mechanism that prevents liquid leaks or spillage. However, parts of a flip-top lid might be challenging to clean, especially if dirt or grit has made its way within.

Slide-Lock Lids

You can open and close the lid thanks to a slide lock that goes back and forth. This gives you one-handed access to the drinking spout inside the container. Any accidental spills will be prevented when the lid is closed and secured correctly. Alternatively, you can also put a straw in it so you can drink easier. Just be careful when sliding the lock because it could break or get damaged, which would cause it to leak and make it unusable.

Push-Button Lids

When pressed, the protective cap of a push-button lid opens to expose the mouthpiece. This feature makes it easy for kids to open this type of bottle. Moreover, its mouthpiece is shielded from bacteria and is simple to clean thanks to the protective cover. However, be careful not to drop it because the lid tends to crack when it hits the ground, rendering it unusable. Also, take note that the mouthpiece does not have a stopper, so make sure the lid is always firmly closed.

Flip-Straw Lids

Flip-straw lids are designed with a built-in straw that flips up for easy drinking. When the straw is flipped up, it acts as a lid, sealing the bottle and preventing any liquid from spilling. Like flip-top lids, you can use this straw-equipped container with just one hand. However, the attached straw makes cleaning a drink bottle with this lid more difficult. Therefore, make sure the straw is flipped upwards when you put this bottle in the dishwasher so that it can get a thorough cleaning.

Ultimately, the choice is still upon you when selecting a drink bottle lid, and we hope this short guide helped you make an informed decision. When choosing a water bottle lid type, we advise taking into account the activities your recipients will frequently use your promotional drink bottle for. For example, if your recipients are gym-goers or love sports, give them promotional products like branded drink bottles with flip-straw or sport-cap lids for easier access. Or reach out to our experts to assist you. Call us at 1300 858 288 or email

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