Promotional Caps: Are They Machine Washable?

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Are you one of those people who carefully hand-wash their promotional caps, or do you just throw them in the washing machine and hope for the best? If you're not sure, then this blog post is for you! We'll take a look at what the experts say about machine-washing promotional caps. Spoiler alert: it's not always as simple as yes or no. So if you've ever wondered whether your promotional cap is really machine washable, read on!

Most people don't think about washing caps

Most people probably forget about the lifespan of their promotional caps until it's too late - when they pop into the washing machine along with their tennis shorts and running singlet. After all, who considers how to care for free promotional items that have been handed out at trade shows, conventions, or various events? We often take these everyday items for granted until we find ourselves slumping back in despair as the blue dye fades in the spin cycle - leaving us with a faded, misshapen mess. Of course, had we known ahead of time that promotional caps may not stand up to a conventional wash, we could have just taken extra precautions to keep our swag looking brand-new!

Tips on how to best wash a promotional cap, by hand or in the machine

Clearly, not all promotional caps can take a "spin" in the washing machine. To best care for your promotional cap, it's important to check its label first--it may advise that you hand wash the cap instead of sending it through a cycle with detergent and bleach. To hand wash, use mild detergent and cool water, gently swishing the cap around before rinsing thoroughly in cold water. Don't forget to air dry instead of throwing your perfectly printed promotional cap into the dryer! Follow these tips and you'll keep your promotional caps looking their best!

Alternatives to Machine Cleaning such as spot cleaning or dry cleaning

Do you want to keep your cool promotional caps cleaner than ever? If machine washing isn't an option, don't worry! Spot cleaning is a great way to keep your handsome headgear looking crisp and fresh. Simply mix some laundry detergent with warm water and use a sponge or cloth to lightly scrub away dirt and grime. Alternately, dry cleaning might be the right move for especially grimy caps - this method utilizes solvents instead of water, so your clothes are good as new in no time. Both of these methods will help preserve the colors and longevity of your favorite promos - just make sure to read all of the care instructions before getting started!

Hand Wash vs Machine Wash

Ultimately, there may be no 'right' answer - every person will have their own preferences when it comes to caps cleaning. All we can suggest is approaching such a problem with some much-needed common sense: if you absolutely must clear off stubborn stains, opt for handwashing over machine; otherwise, feel free to pop your cap in the washer for a quick spruce-up!

promotional caps are they machine washable

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