Material Options For Compartments in Promotional Compendiums

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Promotional compendiums are a great way to market your business or brand and display information in a professional manner. There is an array of material options available when it comes to compartments, making custom-branded compendiums customizable for any business. This article will explore the various material options available for creating the compartments in personalised compendium.

promotional Brown compendium with compartment on the cover

Key Takeaways

  • Card stock, plastic, leather and textile are all great options for creating compartments in compendiums.
  • Textile materials offer soft touch feeling, better malleability and a wide range of colors to choose from.
  • Different compartment materials offer unique advantages and disadvantages when customizing compendiums.

Card Stock Compartments

Card stock is a thick, stiff paper similar to construction paper, usually made from recycled materials. It is known for having excellent durability and being an effective material choice for stationery products. Card stock typically comes in different sizes and colors, allowing it to be cut into whatever shape needed for compartments in promotional compendiums. When used as a cover material for books or magazines, card stock can work well with other materials to create special print effects such as foil stamping and embossing.

Plastic Compartments

Plastic is another popular option when it comes to creating compartments in personalised compendiums. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is one type of plastic commonly used owing to its lightweight nature, strong finish and overall flexibility during the customizing process. PVC is also extremely durable, which makes it ideal for thicker covers that must withstand more use than thinner materials like card stock. Furthermore, PVC has several color options available on the market so you can choose the right plastic type depending on your particular project specifications and requirements.

Leather Compartments

Leather has been used traditionally as a covering material in high-end journals and books because of its luxurious feel and look. Leather can increase tactile value when touched but also provides excellent durability over extended periods of time.

Different types of leather such as cowhide can also be used for further customization options on promotional compendiums depending on the desired texture and finish needed for specific projects’ goals or needs. Additionally, other treatments such as coloring can be done with leather before or after being cut into shapes suitable for use inside promitional compendiums, making it very versatile when compared to other common printing materials like cardstock or plastic .

Textile Compartment Options

Textile materials have become increasingly popular choices when making custom designs for Promotional Compendiums due to their soft touch feeling, better malleability properties than other hard coverings and wide range of colors available in fabrics like canvas , twill cotton and others.

Using textiles allows designers to explore dye sublimation printing techniques along with embossing patterns into fabric covers which can give unique handcrafted touches inside promoitionals while providing extra protection against regular wear & tear usage over long periods of time . Different textures from different fabrics offer diverse possibilities when selecting fabric quality alongside specific design details - such as internal pockets/pouches - all helping make any Promotional Compendium stand out from traditional paper counterparts when finished product reaches end user’s hands .


Promotional compendiums provide an invaluable platform to showcase information about businesses or brands in an attractive manner that resonates with potential customers or audiences alike by leveraging different compartment materials ranging from cardstock , plastic , leather & textiles , each offering unique advantages & disadvantages while still resulting in beautiful looking products no matter what material you decide use . With these various options readily available reaching final product that suits every project need should not be difficult task at all !

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