Buying Guide Branded Flash Drives

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In this age of computer advancement, everybody seems to need just a little bit more storage space for their electronic files or some space to back-up copies of sensitive electronic documents. You can provide a solution to this need and advertise your brand at the same time with custom branded flash drives.

Your employees, customers, and clients will definitely appreciate this promotional item and remember your brand well. Flash drives or memory sticks are ideal for your custom-printed corporate giveaway as they are highly useful and quite handy. You can attach a key ring onto them and they can double as a key chain, add a string on its end and you can wear it around your neck.

Red Flash Drives and a laptop on the side


Promotional USB flash drives can be made from different materials including plastic, metal, wood, and leatherette. They can also come in various colours so you can definitely have them in your corporate hues. They also come in different shapes and dimensions and you can check with your supplier if you can request for a customised shape that will resemble your product. While flash drives tend to be small in size, it is still possible to print your logo prominently and make it stand out.


The most common memory size of personalised flash drives is 1 gigabyte and this can store hundreds of documents, plus a few PowerPoint presentations or even a short film if you are holding training sessions or presenting before your bosses. The price of printed flash drives will change as the storage capacity increases. Students are also ideal recipients of flash drives as they can use this gadget for their research and school projects, especially in college.

Research Popular Brands

When it comes to promotional USBs, research is key. Popular brands offer the latest technology and features that can help you stand out from your competition. Quality and durability are also important factors to consider when researching popular brands, as a low quality USB will be unreliable and more likely to fail sooner rather than later.

Additionally, researching popular brands can give insight into their customer service and experience. With this kind of information, you can make an informed decision on which company is best for your promotional USB needs.

Read Reviews & Warranties

Reading reviews and warranties is a great way to protect yourself from making a bad purchase when it comes to promotional USBs. Reviews from other customers provide valuable feedback on the product's quality and performance, allowing you to make an informed decision before buying. It's also important to check for any manufacturer warranties, as this will cover any manufacturing defects that may arise after your purchase.

Warranties can be a great source of reassurance and peace of mind, so be sure to research any available warranty information before committing to a promotional USB purchase.

When and Where to Hand them Out

Most companies will want to make a lot of noise when handing out free items in order to generate awareness for their product or brand. A trade show or a business conference is a great opportunity to hand out your custom-printed flash drives. You can also hand them out as Christmas gifts. They would also be ideal for the opening of the school year if your target recipients are students.

To ensure brand recall make sure your logo is printed legibly and accurately onto your branded flash drives and that it is easily spotted. You have to closely coordinate with your supplier and monitor every step of their progress to ensure that you are getting the design you asked for.

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