Custom Hoodies For College Events

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Are you keen to ramp up the excitement levels for your upcoming college events? Chuck out those daggy flyers and posters! It's time to give things a shake-up by giving away promotional hoodies. Cubic Promote can lend a hand in crafting killer hoodies that are one-of-a-kind for your college event, guaranteed to leave an impression. Here are six ripper reasons why custom hoodies are an absolute must-have!

  • Custom hoodies boost team spirit, create lasting memories, and promote your school brand during college events.
  • Giving away personalized hoodies differentiates your institution from competitors and provides a unique, luxurious experience for attendees.
  • Cubic Promote specializes in designing high-quality promotional hoodies, as demonstrated by their successful collaboration with Carmel College.

College student wearing promotional grey hoodie

The Benefits: 

1. Build team spirit

Did you know that with custom hoodies, you can deck out your college event attendees in the school's colours, logo or motto to help create a sense of community spirit and belonging amongst everyone involved? Not only will this have people feeling even more enthusiastic about taking part, but it'll also add a team vibe that'll go down in history and be talked about for years to come!

2. Create lasting memories

Students might forget what they learned in class, but they'll never forget the fun times they had at an event wearing their custom hoodie. Every time they see it hanging in their closet or tag themselves on social media wearing it, they'll remember that awesome event.

3. Promote your school brand

It's important to make your school stand out during events because there may be potential students in the crowd who could be swayed by seeing other attendees rocking a custom hoodie with your school's logo. Seeing this kind of branded gear can create a desire to join and become part of the community too.

4. Stand out from competitors

With several colleges running comparable events in designated regions (like sports), it's only natural for there to be rivalries between institutions hosting activities within the same locality. Therefore, creating something unique can make this competition stand out from the rest.

5. Giveaway potential

Giving away freebies is a ripper idea because it lifts everyone's spirits and shows 'em you care. Custom t-shirts, bags and other souvenirs are top-notch ways to say thanks to attendees who've given gung-ho contributions throughout the event. It's like scoring a gnarly lunchbox for being a top bloke during the games!

6. Customisation adds a touch of luxury

Planning a fancy event where every piece of merchandise is meticulously printed with each attendee's name, creating a posh and personal experience that makes them feel connected to the school. For example, we can make arrangements for advance submission of all students' names upon arrival.

Comfortable & Stylish Hoodies

Carmel College, a renowned educational institution, was eager to provide their students and staff with cozy and stylish promotional hoodies. They partnered with Cubic Promote to create the perfect design that would represent the college's values and spirit. Drawing from the school's colours, logo, and unique identity, Cubic Promote crafted a range of eye-catching hoodies that were both comfortable and functional. The hoodies quickly became a hit among students and staff, who proudly wore them during events, sports activities, and everyday campus life. The collaboration between Carmel College and Cubic Promote resulted in increased school spirit, a heightened sense of unity, and a memorable fashion statement that left a lasting impression on everyone who encountered the college's distinctive hoodies.


College events are all about getting the crowd pumped up and ready to go. Custom hoodies can generate a legit hype around your event, making it an unmissable experience for everyone involved. Not only will they help create that team spirit we Aussies love so much, but also promote your school brand name and leave lasting memories. Plus, you'll stand out from competitors with some serious swag!

At Cubic Promote, we reckon we're top-notch when it comes to dishing out quality custom hoodies that'll exemplify the vibes of your college event. We've got written qualifications in providing promotional products across Australia, so why not hit us up pronto and let's team up to transform your upcoming college shindig into one for the books!

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David De Mulder

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