Boost Your Brand: Custom Work Jackets

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Now that the weather's getting cooler, it's the perfect time to spruce up your brand with custom work jackets. Whether you're a tradie on site or run your own gig, promotional workwear is a bloody top-notch way to give folks a solid impression of your company from both sides of the fence.

  • Custom work jackets enhance brand perception, professionalism, and employee satisfaction, making them a valuable investment for businesses.
  • Choose visually appealing styles, striking colors, and high-quality materials to create a lasting impression and ensure employee comfort.
  • Personalize jackets with names and logos, ensuring artwork is in the correct format for accurate printing and brand consistency.

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Brand Boost: Key Considerations

We've all seen our fair share of generic promotional polo shirts and hats. But a customised jacket adds an extra layer of professionalism that can go far in improving the overall perception of your brand. Plus, if you choose high-quality materials (like moisture-wicking fabric), it also shows that your focus is on practicality as well as appearance.

Finding the Right Style

Before ordering custom work jackets, consider how you want to present your brand visually. For example, are you going for a more utilitarian look or something sleeker and modern? Do you need high-visibility colours for workers' job sites? Remember that aesthetics should reflect not only what industry you're in but also the core values associated with your company.

Choosing Colours

When it comes to colours, you need to consider how they subconsciously impact people's perceptions. For instance, red and orange are energising, green symbolises safety and nature while blue conveys trustworthiness and stability - so getting these choices right is crucial! Instead of going for dull black or grey jackets, why not choose striking shades like navy blue or even mustard yellow?

Quality vs Quantity

It's bloody tempting to go for a full load of cheaper jackets, but remember that if your crew don't feel good wearing them, they'll chuck 'em in the bin quicker than you can say "sheila". Make sure you spend your cash wisely mate; dishing out some extra dosh on top-tier quality will keep your employees feeling flash and flamin' proud to be representing the company! After all, investing more with better-paying customers is like a boomerang: it always comes back around.

Personalisation Matters

Of course part about creating bespoke products is personalising according to character preferences like adding name badges is a good addition. It provides recognition of staff members without having to ask for names all the time and adds value to client experiences as regards your brand directly. So make sure you consider personalisation options when ordering jackets.

Getting Your Logo Just Right

Finally, ensure that any branding you include meets the specs needed by printers accordingly before final-printing. Ideally, send off logo artwork in .ai or PDF format; it ensures perfect quality and colour matching for brand consistency across every batch ordered! Don't forget design elements like font choice are essential to get right too.

Success in Branded Workwear

A leading construction company approached Cubic Promote to enhance their brand image and team unity through promotional workwear. Cubic Promote worked closely with the company to design custom jackets that were both stylish and functional, featuring the company's logo and colors. These jackets not only improved the company's professional appearance on job sites but also boosted employee morale and camaraderie. As a result, the construction company saw increased brand recognition, positive feedback from clients, and a significant improvement in employee satisfaction. The success of this collaboration highlights the power of promotional workwear in creating a strong and cohesive brand identity.


Getting your team kitted out in custom work jackets offers heaps of benefits - it makes them easy to identify at events, puts your company's name front and center, and keeps them warm when working outside in gear that's fit for purpose.

Don't forget to get everything organised before placing an order, or else you might end up getting ripped off! Think long and hard about what colours, materials (high-vis fabric would be ace!), style choices and the number of units needed for your custom work jackets. It'll make a huge difference to whether it's a worthy investment in the end!

Author Profile: David De Mulder

David De Mulder

David is a sales manager at Cubic Promote with over 13 years of experience in the promotional product industry. David is the resident expert on promotional pens, corporate gift packs, and promotional product distribution across multiple departments. Visit him on LinkedIn or email him at


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