Get Creative with Promotional Pens: Fun Shapes for Playful Branding

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Let's face it, running a business can be tough especially in today's highly competitive market. But have you ever thought about using promotional pens as a way to stand out from the crowd? If not, then let us convince you why promotional pens are the perfect choice for businesses of any size.

custom pen with kangaroo silicone pin

Key Takeaways

  • Customized promotional pens can be a powerful way to showcase your brand's personality.
  • Choosing interesting shapes and vibrant colours will make your custom pens stand out from others in the market.
  • Incorporating logos, branding elements, and slogans onto promotional pens helps build customer trust and increases brand recognition among potential customer

Why Choose Promotional Pens?

Promotional pens are practical and cost-effective marketing tools that can offer endless possibilities for customisation. Unlike other promotional products that might end up collecting dust on your customer's shelves, promotional pens serve a daily purpose – writing! Whether your customers need to take notes during meetings or jot down ideas while they're on-the-go, having your branded pen within reach can keep them thinking about your business throughout their day.

Fun and Unique Pens to Elevate Your Brand

When it comes to promotional merchandise, it's all about standing out. Sure, pens may seem mundane at first glance, but did you know that fun and unique shapes of promotional novelty pens can give your brand a memorable edge? Here are some playful ideas that will surely make an impression on your Australian customers.

  • Kangaroo-Shaped Pens: A Playful Reminder of Australia's Wildlife - As an icon of the land down under, what better way to showcase your brand's playful side than with kangaroo-shaped pens? Catching the attention of anyone who might be glancing in its direction has never been so easy! Plus, everyone loves a cute and cuddly marsupial as a reminder of Australia’s beautiful wildlife.
  • Surfboard-Shaped Pens: Celebrating Our Sun-Soaked Shores - Sun-kissed beaches could probably top Australians' list when it comes to favourite places. It is no surprise we have surfboard-shaped pens for giveaways during beach-themed events or businesses related to surfing. These cool and funky designs celebrate our beautiful beaches while keeping functionality in mind too!
  • Thong (Flip Flop)-Shaped Pens: Flaunting The Aussie Lifestyle - If there is anything quintessentially Australian on the fashion front then look no further than flip flops - or otherwise known as "thongs." These shaped-pens not only offer a quirky giveaway item but also promote casual living - something Aussies love! They remind us how laid-back life can be here amid bustling city streets or serene coastal locales.
  • BBQ-Shaped Pens: Fired Up for Fun-Loving Marketing Strategy - On every weekend across all suburban areas and cities around Australia, BBQs flare up filling streets with tempting smells & sounds; loving friends & fams gather around each other sharing joyful moment. Sounds familiar? We wouldn't want any customer missing those integral aspects that define our incredibly vibrant culture especially when promoting your brand. So outfit your next marketing event with BBQ-themed pens, a unique set of giveaways that's sure to catch the eye and spark a conversation!
  • Cricket Bat-Shaped Pens: A Nod to Sports-Related Marketing - Sports is always close to an Aussie’s heart especially cricket - it's beloved by millions! Rekindle that exuberance through sporting teams or clubs by gifting them functional yet quirky shaped-pens like our cricket bat-shaped ones. This adds a clever touch for avid sports enthusiasts while also showcasing your fun-loving attitude towards marketing.

Making Your Brand Stand Out with Customized Promotional Pens

Are you looking for a unique and powerful way to showcase your brand's personality? Look no further than customised promotional pens! With a bit of creativity and imagination, these simple marketing tools can become a memorable representation of your business.

  • Choosing Pen Shapes for Fun and Interest - You want something eye-catching that will make people take notice. Think outside the traditional pen box and consider fun shapes like lightbulbs, animals, or even miniature USB drives. This will make them stand out from other boring office supplies.
  • Taking Customisation Further with Colours - After choosing an interesting shape, it's time to think about colors that represent your brand or resonate with your target audience. Choose vibrant colors that catch the eye while also staying true to your branding guidelines.
  • Adding Logos, Branding Elements & Slogans - Now comes the key element: adding branding elements! It’s important not just to have bright colours on promotional pens but also incorporate logos brand slogans into their designs. Cubic Promote adds decoration into these promotional pens using the latest branding technique, giving life to your logos.

Need Help Customising Pens?

Reach out to companies such as Cubic Promote, who have proven experience in creating customisable products, including personalised pens which are often used by professionals today! They’re able to create exciting visuals using cutting-edge techniques giving new life to all sorts of campaign messages through visual creativity.

Author Profile: Wendy Li

Wendy Li

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