How to Use Promotional Pens as Corporate Gifts

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If you're looking for a cost-effective way to promote your biz and create a good vibe around it, then promotional pens are the go. They're top-notch when it comes to brand recognition and getting your name out there. Plus, if you hand them out as pressies to staff or clients, they're sure to put in a good word about ya! So let's chat about how best to give these sweet little writing utensils away.

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Key Takeaways

  • When selecting promotional pens as corporate gifts, choose high-quality items with features like metal clips and good ink flow.
  • Have your logo printed on them to create an effective brand awareness tool.
  • Put together a gift set with additional items to make it more valuable for recipients.

Choosing Promotional Pens As Corporate Gifts

Choose Your Pens Wisely

When it comes to choosing personalised pens, it pays to be picky. Go for pens that are built-to-last with metal clips, tips and ink flow - you don't wanna hand out flimsy ones that'll break after one use. Plus, look for a design that's both classy and eye-catching. Think intricate patterns on the body or retractable mechanisms - they're sure to wow your customers!

Have Your Logo Printed On Them

Want to make your promo pens stand out and leave a lasting impression? Get your logo printed on ‘em, so everyone knows whose business it belongs to. This way every time someone uses one of your pens, they’re giving you free ad-spreadin’-vertisement. And the best part is, having your brand logo on your pen makes it easier for people to remember who you are! Just make sure the printing’s done right - pro-looking and clear no matter how long its use has been.

Put Together A Gift Set

Let me tell you a top trick for giving corporate gifts with promotional pens! You can put together a right ripper of a gift set by chucking in some extra matching items like notepads, paperweights, and keychains. It's bloody impressive and makes the receiver feel heaps appreciated for their loyalty or hard yakka. Trust me, it's ace for building grouse relationships with your customers or staff.

Include Some Information About Your Company

If you're keen to up your marketing game, why not chuck in some extra info about your company along with those snazzy pen sets? Popping in a brochure or leaflet that gives a quick rundown on the products or services you offer is an ace way to get more customers clued-up on what kind of business they're dealing with. Plus, it helps build trust towards your brand and offers helpful intel on any future goods they might need from ya. Give it a go!


Promotional Pens as Corporate Gifts

Want to show your loyal customers and hardworking employees some appreciation without spending a fortune? Logo branded pens make for excellent promotional gifts that can help build relationships with your customers. Not only that, they're easy on the wallet too!

But before you start handing out any old pen, it's crucial that you pay close attention to quality. Opting for cheaper pens with poor ink flow and shoddy construction will reflect negatively on your company's products or services.

If you want to really impress those special customers and long-term employees, go the extra mile by selecting special materials, thoughtful design choices and smart packaging options. Including additional items like notepads or keychains can be a nice touch too - it shows them how much their loyalty means to you.

Using promotional pens as corporate gifts isn't just about marketing; it can also boost team morale among staff members too. Keep in mind too, if possible try using biodegradable materials for the promotional pens; this little eco-friendly touch is sure to be appreciated!


Promoting your brand while showing appreciation for your customers and employees is a ripper idea, and you can't go wrong with some promotional pens! But here's the lowdown - paying attention to the quality of materials and design will take things up a notch. With these tips in mind, you'll be able to give top-notch corporate gifts that are sure to make an impression. No worries if this was all new info to ya - we're glad we could offer some insights into using promotional pens!

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