Branded Ponchos: Boost Brand Visibility

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On the hunt for a ripper way to promote your brand? Give promotional ponchos a burl! These beauts are versatile and can be decked out at any event, from outdoor gatherings to footy games. In this guide, we'll explore how these top-notch items will help jack up your brand visibility and offer some tips on using them like a pro.

1. Promotional ponchos increase brand visibility.
2. Choose bright colours and waterproof fabric.
3. Encourage social media sharing for success.

Branded Poncho Advantages

Promotional ponchos are an excellent way to promote your brand in several ways:

  • Increased visibility: With your logo or message printed on an eye-catching poncho, you'll stand out from the crowd at outdoor events like festivals, sporting events, and concerts.
  • Versatility: Ponchos fit most people and can be used in almost any wet-weather condition, making them a practical giveaway item.
  • Extended reach: They could be seen by far beyond the intended audience especially if there would be photographs taken or fortunate enough to get public exposure in TV broadcasts.
  • Durability: Since they're made from polyester materials that repel water and plastics that won't tear easily – promotional ponchos could give more impressions compared to flimsy gifts such as paper notes or foldable umbrellas.
  • Fun element: People think more highly of brands whose giveaways make them smile while fulfilling its purpose.

How to Customise

If you're considering using promotional ponchos for your next marketing campaign, here are some tips to help you maximise results:

  • Choose bright colours & high-quality printing techniques so logos will look clear and crisp outside no matter how rainy blurry everything else is.
  • Select waterproof fabric so they don’t wear down or deteriorate quickly after use.
  • Consider co-branding – collaborations with similar businesses within same target audience broader rebrand awareness might help.
  • Identify events that would most likely to benefit from a poncho such as outdoor concerts, sporting events or theme parks.
  • Put official branding instantly noticeable such as the front center near chest so it could be seen in photos prominently when worn and shared.
  • Make sure branding is consistent not only with visual style but also messaging amplifying familiarity towards your brand.
  • Encourage recipients to share their experiences online or tag your social media handles for more chances of engagements.

Success Story: Encore Kids Parties

Based in Melbourne, Encore Kids Parties have made a name for themselves as one of the premier party planners for children aged five years old and under. Wanting to increase their brand recognition beyond their local community, they decided to sponsor a footy test match that would entice families from outside their area. As this match is known to attract attendees from all across Australia, it was the perfect opportunity for them to expand their reach and boost their marketing efforts!

At the pre-match function just before it began, Encore Kids Parties handed out some cool looking yellow ponchos with their logo and social media account details plastered all over it for folks to snap and share online. As if on cue, halfway through the game, Mother Nature decided to rain like a monsoon which left half of stadium patrons looking smugly at those who didn't have a portable shield from downpours. But not the lucky ones who bagged Encore Kids Parties' branded poncho though! They quickly put them on adding an extra level of excitement and team spirit. And parents? They couldn't be happier that their kids get a treat other than sugar-packed lollies they usually end up taking home!

Encore Kids Parties scored a fair dinkum win by getting their brand out there on social media with happy punters sharing snaps of themselves rocking branded ponchos at a Wallabies match. Simple as, this genius idea gave their marketing effort the kick it needed.


Promotional ponchos are a fair dinkum and great way to get your brand out there while giving your clients something grouse they can use any time! With their huge surface area, they give off heaps of exposure that sticks around in people's memories even after the rain clears. Whether it's at music festivals, outdoor sports matches or just during a classic Aussie downpour, these babies will be giving off promos for you with ease. So don't let the crummy weather bring you down – chuck some promo ponchos in your marketing mix and see how they can lift up your brand visibility today!

Author Profile: Yoshe Foy

Yoshe Foy

Yoshe is a Cubic Promote’s content manager and she has worked with promotional products for almost a decade. Yoshe is full of great product ideas, she knows what's new on the market and how to use promotional products to boost your brand visibility. Visit her on LinkedIn. or contact her via

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