Best Practices for Using Stress Balls in Fundraising

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Are you struggling to find new and innovative ways to fundraise for your organization? Look no further than the humble stress ball. This simple yet effective tool has skyrocketed in popularity over the past few years, proving that it can be an excellent way to promote a cause while also raising funds.

In this article, we'll provide some useful tips on how to use stress balls as part of your fundraising plan. From choosing the right size and material, to incorporating them into events or selling them at booths, read on for our best practices when using stress balls in fundraising.

Promotional Stress Balls in blues, white and yellow

Choosing The Right Stress Ball: Factors To Consider

When selecting a stress ball as part of your fundraising strategy, there are several factors that you need to consider:

  • Size: Larger balls may be more visible and eye-catching but might cost more. Smaller ones could fit better within a smaller budget.
  • Material: Foam is comfortable when squeezing, rubber or plastic is stronger and will last longer over time.
  • Design: Depending on what's being promoted it's possible you'll have individual options like colour schemes available. You should think through design elements such as logos too so they match with promotional materials used elsewhere by the organisation.

Implementing Stress Balls In Your Fundraising Plan

Once you've chosen which type of ball is right for your event or campaign needs let's explore ways these fantastic tools can be put into action!

Use Them As A Gift

A great idea would be finding out how much people donate before offering one of these gadgets free of charge. It’s easy this way because donors who get gifts are excited about their donation knowing they’ve accomplished something meaningful along with receiving popular stress balls.

Offer Them As Souvenirs

Perhaps printed information leaflets aren't getting picked up at previous events? Supplementing giveaways instead with branded-stress toys those attending won’t likely forget can help keep alive interest long after gatherings end.

Sell Them At A Booth

Setting up booths is a great way to get exposure events such as fairs and there are some fantastic ways stress balls can be used. Providing them as souvenirs for sale at a lower price point than competitors will attract more interest in what your campaign has to offer.

Include Them In A Goody Bag

Throwing together goodies that go along with event themes tends to bring particular delight after people arrive, those underwhelmed by the presentation could find fun relief while browsing through take-homes including interactive hand toys!


Stress balls may seem like simple items that anyone can easily replicate but it’s the strategies behind their use which make all effort worthwhile. By following our best practices, not only can you raise funds but also give back something memorable experiences long-term associations around your charity goals!


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