Custom Branded Stress Balls for Brand Visibility

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Stress balls have become an increasingly popular item for business owners to consider when looking for ways to draw attention to their brand. As a low-cost and fun promotional product, custom branded stress balls can help businesses boost visibility and make sure their logo is seen by potential customers.

Key Takeaways

  • Custom branded stressballs are a low-cost way to boost visibility and improve customer engagement.
  • There are numerous benefits of using custom branded stress balls, including cost efficiency and the ability to personalize with text, logos or designs.
  • The process of creating custom branded stressballs involves working with vendors who specialize in them; submitting artwork/instructions; undergoing production and ensuring quality control measures once delivered.

mint green promotional stress ball

Benefits of Using Custom Branded Stress Balls

Using promotional stress balls offers numerous benefits that can help businesses gain greater visibility and improve customer engagement. One of the primary benefits is the low cost associated with ordering these items in bulk. Stress balls are very affordable as compared to other forms of marketing and therefore represent a great way for businesses to get their name out there without breaking the bank! Additionally, stress balls are lightweight, easy to store, and can easily be shipped due to their small size.

Another benefit of using custom branded stress balls is that they are often used as giveaways at events or competitions. This gives potential customers the opportunity to interact with your brand name before they ever make a purchase. In addition, since stress balls come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes; they work well as an extension of any branding efforts you might already have in place.

Finally, custom branded stress balls offer multiple opportunities for personalization with text, logos or designs on them. This helps ensure customers will remember your brand even after they have received the giveaway item at an event or competition venue. It also serves as a great reminder every time someone picks up one of your custom branded stress balls!

The Process Of Creating Custom Branded Stress Balls

The process of creating custom branded stressballs is relatively straightforward when working with a reputable supplier or promotional product vendor who has experience making them for companies like yours. The key steps include:

  • Step 1: Decide on the design you want featured on your stress ball(s). This should include selecting colours that align with your brand identity, determining if you want text or images included, etc..
  • Step 2: Get quotes from vendors who specialize in making custom items such as these. Be sure to compare prices and ask about any minimum order requirements before committing to any particular vendor.
  • Step 3: Submit artwork & layout instructions for approval—usually this includes providing vector graphics files (such as those created in Adobe Illustrator) so that the vendor can create a digital proof before producing actual samples/products. It’s important during this step that all necessary information is included so that no corrections need to be made later on which may add additional costs & delays down the line.
  • Step 4: Once artwork has been approved & payment has been made; production begins! Depending on the vendor; turnaround times will vary but it is typical for production time on these items to take between two-six weeks depending on factors such quantity & complexity involved in creating them (e.g., if intricate embossing needs done).
  • Step 5: Finally—once everything has been completed—it’s important that quality control measures are put in place prior to shipping out any finished products so you know everything looks great & will last long-term! Quality control should also involve inspection upon delivery from vendor(s) too just incase any issues occurred during shipping around transit damage etc..


Promotional stressballs can be an extremely useful tool for businesses looking for a low-cost way to promote their brand name or logo while engaging potential customers through giveaways or competitions at events or trade shows etc.. The process of creating custom branded stressballs involves working directly with vendors who specialize in them; submitting artwork/instructions; undergoing production; then finally ensuring quality control measures are taken once delivered–allowing businesses peace of mind knowing they’ve invested wisely into promotional materials that show off their best side!

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