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  • Merchandise for the Kids

    Here is another excellent example of promotional merchandise, created just for kids. This particular effort is from a burger chain in America. They have created a range of rather cute apparel range
  • Promotional Pens for Cursive Writing

    Cursive writing is in danger of being a long lost art form. Most modern kinds of writing are done via real and virtual keyboards. Our monitors and our mobile phones do the bulk of the writing. When
  • The KFC Promotional Bucket Hat

    A bucket of fried chicken. For many people, that is a dream come true.  For this reason, KFC marketing has often evolved around the concept of a bucket. This year, though, they have taken it one step
  • Case Study: Fan Merchandise "Friends"

    Another TV show is turning 25 years old, since the first episode: the TV show Friends, features familiar characters that everyone relates to, even here in Australia. To celebrate the quarter-century
  • Marketing Merchandise For Toddlers

    Many organisations have merchandise created exclusively for toddlers and young children. It is a simple idea to have young children experience your brand or your organisation's services when kids
  • Spider-Man Movie Promo Items

    What would promotional merchandise look like, if you took one of the worlds most recognisable cartoon characters in Spiderman with 3 of the largest companies in the world? United Airlines, Sony Pictures
  • Seinfeld Promotional Products

    Could the TV show Seinfeld be the iconic sitcom ever created? Who would have thought the show that famously declared itself as "the show about nothing," has had such a long-lasting appeal to old and
  • Kikkoman Soy Sauce Merchandise

    Does the brand Kikkoman ring any bells? It may sound familiar to many people; for others, this brand name is an institution and a King in the kitchen. Kikkoman makes soy sauce. The biggest brand in
  • Promotional Tee Shirts Get Stranger Things Boost

    There is an incredible amount of variety when it comes to custom branded tee shirts - too much variation in fact. Having a weird graphic or a cool caption is not enough sometimes to attract attention.
  • Promotional Products Fit for a President Part 2

    Here is part 2 of our cheeky sneak peek at presidential promotional products in the United States of America. The Americans genuinely are the best when it comes to using merchandise to further a political
  • Temporary Tattoos for a National Day

    What day is the 17th of July? (other than it being a Wednesday?). That day happens to be the national tattoo day. On that day, it is the perfect day to celebrate the art that is known as the Tattoo.
  • Promotional Products Fit for a President

    Do you have ambitions of being the next president of the United States of America or the next Prime Minister of Australia? Then your success will depend on promotional items. Seriously, no modern
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