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  1. Logo Branded Retro Blockbuster Gifts

    Blockbuster was one of the largest chains of video rental stores in the world at one point, the absolute place to go to rent VHS tapes (and later DVDs) of your favourite movies. Obviously in the modern
  2. 2020 Pantone Colour of the Year

    Because we're in the promotional print business, the entire team here at Cubic Promote follows Pantone Colour updates
  3. McDonald's Embraces Promotional Gifts

    Although the McDonald's restaurant chain has been bringing out a variety of limited edition promotional merchandise over the years (like these
  4. Promotional Socks for a National Day

    Yes, it is true. There is a national day devoted to socks! Yesterday on the 4th of December is recognised officially as the national sock day in some countries around
  5. Logo Branded Campbell's Soup Swag

    Campbell's soups are a staple for winter diners both here and abroad, including America. For the holidays this year, the brand decided to join the wave of food
  6. Why Your Business Needs Promotional Items

    A lot of Australian businesses and events assume they're too small or not profitable enough to take the promotional product journey. However, based on our industry experience this couldn't be further
  7. White Castle's Logo Branded Burger Gear

    White Castle is an American burger chain that's mainly popular in the midwest of the country. Here in Australia we probably remember the brand best as the fast-food restaurant the titular heroes craved
  8. Stress Ears for Day of Listening

    Tomorrow is known in some parts of the world as the "National Day for listening" I am not talking about music (and I love music), but listening to friends and family. Listen to stories and memories,
  9. Red Lobster Promotional Christmas Gifts

    Red Lobster is a well-known restaurant chain in the US, specialising in casual seafood dining. Like a lot of other old school restaurants, the brand has decided to tap into the zeitgeist with a range
  10. End of Year Custom Corporate Gifts

    2019 is beginning to wind down and we only have just over a month until the year ends. Why not take this opportunity to reward your staff or clients for their loyalty throughout the year by providing
  11. 2020 Must-Have Orientation Day Promo Products

    The next Australian semester for colleges and universities is around the corner. It is time for many to start thinking about how to attract and reward new enrolments. Appealing and useful products,
  12. Ranch Dressing Branded Merchandise

    Here in Australia, you don't see ranch dressing as a regular addition to salads and dips, but in America, they're all about the ranch! Although popular at the dinner table, you don't normally think
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