I thought I write this morning about low cost promotional items as opposed to value for money promotional merchandise? There's a subtle difference in wording but an enourmous difference in meaning.

Don't get us wrong. We have lots and lots of budget promotional merchandise. Things that cost less than a bag of chips. Cheap Pens, Cheap promotional keyrings, cheap mousemats, cheap branded stubby coolers and the list goes on. Pretty much all our categories of custom branded products have a low cost option.

However, unless your budget is really really tight we dont recommend these items? Why? Well its money down the drain really. You will get more marketing value with a quality item. The trick is to select marketing merchandise which fits your budget but importantly is value for money. Let me illustrate some examples below based on experience:

Cheap Plastic Pen: Disposed of all left at the back of a draw quickly
Quality Plastic Pen: Hung on to and may even be the pen

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