Thinking outside of the square is important in selecting the right item. I saw a basketball in a purple color and also another one in a green color the other day. These weren't children's ones either.

I wanted to chat about colors and the importance of doing something different. "We get calls all the time with requests that goes along the lines of: I want several hundred blue pens and I want several hundred round blue stress balls. That's it,"

Ummm cool i guess but having a promotional stressball shape that fits metaphorically with what you are doing only costs a little extra but is a lot more effective in comunicating your message. For example do you have a telephone hotline you want remembered? How about printing that number and your logo on this promotional stress shape:

Blue pens are cool, but how about a jumbo sized one for maximum effect? Or simpler still how about getting them in a mix of colours. Theres so many items out there that will fit your budget

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