Monthly Archives: March 2009

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  1. Custom Logo Items - Perfect marketing tool?

    I was thinking today. I really believe what we do and the products we sell really are the best form of marketing. Either to enhance your brands visibility or even to promote a message or agenda.

    I know I know your probably thinking I'm heaps biased. But think about it. A TV advertisment costs thousands to create a crappy one and anything up to several hundred thousand to create one that is worth looking at. This is screened at 15 seconds slots which costs a bomb once again.

    Now consider radio. Yep you've got a studio and have created a zippy addvert for several thousand. Now you have to pay for a time slot. Bang 10 seconds later its all gone.

    & Print okay a marketing agency, a creative director and maybe a graphic designer or photographer. Can someone say bin?

    Dont get me wrong these mediums are terrific and are very very strong as they can be used to play on emotions.

    However think marketing merchandise. A well branded smartly selected product

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  2. Pacific Brands - Promotional Shirts made in Australia

    I was watching TV today. Specifically 60 minutes which had a segment on Pacific Brands. I thought I use this blog and also chime into the debate. For those who missed the show or have not been keeping up to date with the news basically Pacific Brands (owner of King Gee, Bonds and other iconic Australian brands) will be closing down a production plant and moving it overseas.

    Cubic Promote used to stock King Gee as part of our customised apparrell we had promotional polo shirts, t shirts and other types of corporate clothing. To cut a long story short they didnt sell. The price was slightly higher than overseas made personalized shirts and that was enough to virtually turn every single Aussie company away from them. Because of that we have not stocked King Gee at all for the past 2 years. The way the media has focused on individual stories of retrenched workers is rather biased as the key thing which struck me was this. If purchasing patterns, government tenders and private tenders

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