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  1. Quality Vs Quantity - Logo Items

    I had the chance to read a very very interesting feedback from a customer that I thought I share with you. We had this company which generally spends quite a bit on corporate logo items. Like any other company they had a budget to work within. Based on what seemed logical at the time he went down the cheaper means more path. In his own words, "why wouldn't I," More products mean more exposure right? While he understood that what he was buying was cheap he still had the expectation that the logo products would be of a better quality than what he received. What he ended up was a mass of products that appeared cheap and as a result it really tainted their brand image.

    Cubic Promote custom logo items are very very high in value. For any given price point our promotional merchandise gives you a lot of product and a lot of quality. However the key here is "price point,". A 0.45cent plastic logo pen will never be the same as a corporate engraved metal pen costing $5.00.

    This customer

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  2. Marketing Merchandise.... Its all around you!

    In front of me at the moment there is a promotional ball pen from the CBA. I use that pen (which writes really really well incidentally) on a custom branded notepad from Telstra. Whilst walking to work this morning some group was handing out promotional stress balls. I couldn't remember the name as I wasn't lucky enough to get that freebie stress ball. But hey if I did get one I would be chucking that thing around the office and also checking out who it was from too. Too bad I missed out as it was raining and I was almost poked in the eye by a passer by with an umbrella from Mallesons lawyers. I remembered that person because he had a fitness first custom branded bag.


    • Promotional products enhance brand recognition, customer loyalty, and generate word-of-mouth marketing.
    • Marketing merchandise offers cost-effective advertising, lead generation, and
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