Have you ever been cold called by some very aggressive people either selling Telstra products and offering you unbelievable discounts but only if you sign up on the spot? Or how about another one that sells you investment opportunities in horse racing? These aren't from Indian call centers too. These are from Australians (you can tell from their accents). To be honest these people scare me. They are very aggressive, arrogant, rough and very very devious. In fact I am surprised that no government agency has taken them to court for unethical business practices.

So what has this got to do with promotional product marketing? Well it got me thinking. Here at Cubic Promote you can be assured we will never ever even contemplate doing any sales tactic speak with you. We do not telemarket or send out spam emails. We do business the good old way. Advertising and networking at functions as well as aiming to provide a internet site which is simple user friendly and informative. When we do speak

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