Coca Cola needs no introduction. Everyone's heard of it, (literally). There's a long story behind the Coke brand, from its invention, American symbolism, competing cola drinks and lots of other interesting things. However I wanted to discuss solely on its marketing and specifically merchandise. In my eyes Coca Cola is probably the first company to use customised merchandise emblazoned with their logo strategically and with a direct marketing intention. Coca Cola marketing world wide currently and traditionally have used other mediums such as T.V and print but it's their personalised merchandise which keeps the message going and going long after the T.V and print have run its course. You see especially since after 1985 where it almost went under due to poor sales Coca Cola ramped its marketing products by literally placing their brand on every conceivable object. It's brand was seen everywhere! Custom fridges, promotional magnets, promotional pens, promotional yoyos, promotional frisbees,

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