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  1. Whats In the back seat & whats in the front seat of my Car!!

    To get the absolute best value custom logo merchandise a huge emphasis must be placed on selection and being appropriate. An item selected for your event which is inapproriate either for the recipient, or for your organisation or for your event or worse still a combination of these 3 leads to money which will be wasted. The other day I posted about some really hilarious products which I have come across which obviously werent quite right. However even with simple basic custom branded products some may be better than others.

    In the backseat of my recently purchased (2month) old hatch back I still have an odd box of various items from our car dealership. It contained several items which to this day I am still unsure what they were. In fact there was also a pencil case too!! The box has not been moved and I think I will go downstairs in a second to throw it out!! why? well I purchased

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  2. Brand Management on B2B Companies

    Why do you need brand management if your service is b2b? If you offer a service to help others you will get more demand for your service (be it accounting, legal, financial or other professional services) you won't need to price compete and have a steady flow of repeat customers..... sounds good right!!


    • Brand management is crucial in B2B marketing as it builds trust, adds value, and fosters loyalty among customers. 
    • Focusing on quality and consistency instead of cost helps B2B companies create a positive brand perception and differentiate themselves from competitors.
    • B2B marketers must strategically plan, develop, and maintain their brand's image, reputation, and value.

    I came across

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