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  1. New Promotional Eco Travel Mug!!!

    Everyone is becoming more aware of the benefits of using environmentally Friendly products. When you think of Eco friendly products, I bet the first thing that comes to mind is recyclable paper or notebooks. Eco friendly products have come a long way and if you are trying to make your business more Eco friendly than you will be in for a nice surprise when it comes to promoting your company with Eco Friendly Promotional Items.

    Coffee has become more and more popular in Australia over the past 5 years and tea has always been a favorite. When you walk down the street in the mornings or look at the person beside you in the queue on the motorway, 90% of people have a cup of coffee. Have you ever wondered where all those coffee cups go to?? Coffee cups are a huge rubbish source and can be seen on streets and roads in most cities.

    At Cubic Promote, we have introduced a Promotional

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  2. 4 Ways to get a Viral..... The Marketing Type that is!

    What is viral marketing? - It is advertising which creates its own momentum by making people spread y.o.u.r message about y.o.u.r product like a virus. This leads to more people seeing y.o.u and increasing y.o.u.r business. The cool thing is that it works for any business big or small and is particularly powerful as your friends recomend it.

    How do you make viral marketing work for you?

    1) Be simple!! Your product or service must come up in your clients online or physical conversation. If you rant on or worse boring then your message wont be remembered. To gauge if your viral message works try to see if a 10 year old will understand. If Yep then ur good. If Nope then ur msg is bad. Want some examples? How about corporate catch phrases

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  3. Some Tips on Using Promotional Candy

    Promotional candy is a supurb promotional item. Its immensely flexible and suitable for all occasions from tradeshow hand outs to event dinners. Why? Well everyone likes candy.... regardless of age this is one branded item which will be truly universal across all ages. However there are some points to consider in using promotional candy which you may not have thought about.... we didnt either until after events which we received some feedback from our clients.

    - Chocolate melts!! You will be surprised how fast chcolate melts and how unappealing it becomes. During events in summertime even in the shad and in a relatively coolish environment they still melt very quickly.

    - M & M chocolate bags. Very popular but for larger order quantities say larger than

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  4. Top 10 Tips To Organise Your Work Day

    I'm too busy to ..... is a comment that I make a lot of the time and I am sure you do too. Its one of those things if you are at work then you will more likely than not be snow ball'd with work. For those lucky enough to cruise at work at a leisurely pace then I envy you... BIG time. Here are 10 tips to get the most out of your personal and working life.

    1. Scheduling - It always works. Just list out what you want to accomplish. This gives you a pretty picture of all your work and to choose which one to jump into first. Then Tick .... Tick & Tick the completed items.

    2. Take Notes - A personalized sticky note will help. Custom printed notebooks will also help. Jot down meetings, phone calls or any ideas wherever you may

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