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  1. The Importance of Merchandise Aesthetics & Quality

    We are still on holiday at the moment. Today I went to a sea themed theme park. Like all theme parks they have merchandising.... lots of merchandising, some of which I even recognized in our catalogue of personalized branded products. However what I did notice was that despite the best efforts of theme park staff as well as advertising initiatives and strategic placement of merchandise outlets sales were only average at best. This I noticed in stark contrast to my holiday last year in Disney Land. Almost every second person I bumped into last year had merchandise which they were either holding onto or were wearing (myself included... I had gigantic mickey mouse gloves on).

    Merchandising is BIG business!! Other than the ticket price for admission, merchandising as well as food outlets would be the only revenue oportunities for the owners of the theme park. This means that the merchandise must be of 3 things:

    1) Aesthetically Attractive
    2) Quality to be perceivably medium

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  2. Marketing Strategies in other parts of the World

    This Christmas 2010, record retail sales and improved retail sales have occurred around the World. The American's have experiences retail sales growth of 4.8% up to 4.2% in prior year. Hong Kong has recorded record Christmas sales, with 20% contributed by mainland China.

    How do these countries do it? We've been travelling around Hong Kong to view new promotional products and new marketing ideas and what does well. These are a couple of things we have certainly come across from a sales and marketing technique and promotional advertising strategy.

    Hong Kong is one of the busiest and highly populated cities. People are littered onto the streets and shopping malls during both weekdays and weekends. With extreme traffic occuring during Weekends. In such a busy city. We're surprised to see how relaxed people actually are, when it comes to walking around popular shopping mall such as Langham Place where taking an escalator from the bottom ground floor to the top floors on level

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  3. How can a PR Doctor & a Media List Help Your Company?

    First things first..... what on earth is a Media List? Well its basically a list of with heaps of contact detail for people like journalists, people with heaps of Facebook followers, bloggers with heaps of followers, editors of magazines authors and pretty much any other person who has a lot of influence on other people. This influence is gained through print media, TV, radio and nowadays the internet as well.

    So can a list of these types of people and pesonality help your company? In a word a huge YES. Consider that if you have a new product to launch and you want publicity to get the word out to all your potential customers right? Then these people will easily be able to reach a huge amount of people in a short period of time. Consider also if you wish to get an ugent message out, a promotion or worse still perhaps somethnig wrong has happened and you need to send a message out quickly. Then this is where a media list can help.

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  4. Experiential Marketing: Promotional Products

    Experential marketing is a key part of any dynamic marketing mix. What it involves is simply offering a sample of your product or your service to your target customer for free. This can be a free trial subscription or receiving a new Magnum Ice cream flavour on the street. This type of marketing engages the end user of your product and allows them not only to sample but also to have a relationship and experience the brand.


    • Experiential marketing focuses on creating memorable experiences for consumers.
    • Examples include pop-up shops, product demonstrations, interactive installations, sponsorships, etc.
    • The right promotional items can influence consumer perception of a brand.

    Experimental Marketing:

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