Monthly Archives: January 2011

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  1. Tips for a Flexible Logo Design

    After working on literally every logo imaginable from companies to government bodies we have learnt quite a bit on logos and design. I would like to share with you some of the things we have learnt. This is Part 1 of a series of posts which I will use to provide handy hints and tips on logo design and what works best not just for promotional items but for branding in general.


    1. Design flexible logos for various mediums.
    2. Optimise scalability and maintain legibility.
    3. Test placements and adaptability to backgrounds.

    Usability and Flexibility

    Usability and flexibility of your logo means how many different ways can you use your logo but still keep the overall aesthetic and design integrity. You see

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  2. Feng Shui for your Workplace!!

    So whats Feng Shui? In translation from Mandarin it means Wind & Water. Its an ancient chinese technique traditionally used to strategically place objects for tombs and palaces and structures of importance. The aim of this placement is to draw upon natural elements to enhance things like health, prosperity, luck or for a range of any other reasons. Today Feng Shui is done at home and offices alike where furniture and colours selected as well as plants are strategically placed around the room and facing certain (practical) directions to provide optimum living and working environments.

    Feng Shui is now quite popular in Australia, in fact I even have a friend who appeared in several episodes on SBS Costa's garden and she is penciled in for more t.v episodes this year. One thing to note about Feng Shui for interiors is that it does change every hear. Therefore after the lunar new year things have to be re-evaluated and potentially re-arranged. Feng Shui advice can be

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  3. Green is Bigger than Ever in 2011

    Having an eco friendly image as a corporate has been the hip thing to do for the past few years already. However you know that it pays an even more important significance when countries like China places it as a point of critical importance second to only economic growth. Merchandising with eco friendly products is tangible method of using promotional items to push your green credentials through. So what qualifies as a green eco promotional product? Well we have several criterias which we use to classify environmentally friendly products. Any one of these criterias must be met:

    1) The Promotional merchandise must be produced with efficient and sustainbale production methods which minimizes waste. For example using recycled plastics instead of using raw new plastics (which are made from petroleum will save on both landfill and also petrol) on promotoinal non woven bags or for branded pens.

    2) Has a green image which will promote to the user ecological friendly images. Things

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