I've been hearing more and more about Kogan televisions in various websites and blogs lately. For those who dont know Kogan is a young Australian fellow who sells Kogan branded T.V sets online. What I found curious about him is that he really makes dramatic statements regardless of authenticity and his comments more often than not are really really out there! This makes him perfect fodder for the media to latch on and in the process this gives him free publicity.

Securing free publicity is not easy and never happens instantly. However no matter who you are you it can be accessible to you and consistent efforts will help you get some rewards.

I recently read about Justin Herald who grew a $50 outlay selling t shirts at Parklea Markets to a multi million dollar enterprise. One aspect about him was that he managed to build publicity momentum. How? Well he had an odd type of personality & he really made the most of his time. You can too. Think about it, in a quarter of an

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