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  1. Promotional Thermal Mugs - How they work!

    Promotional thermal mugs are great for keeping drinks hot. Many may not know however they are just as effective in keeping drinks cool too. So they work well as a promotional item for both summer time and winter time. So how exactly does a thermal mug work? How do they keep hot things hot yet still keep cold things cold. Well its all about conductivity ie. transfer of energy heat. You see when hot water is poured into a mug the surface of the mug will be colder than the water. After a short while the temperature of the water will come down and the temperature of the mug will go up and they will both reach an equal temperature point (vice versa for cold drinks and a warmer mug). Once this equal temperature is made your hot beverage will continuosly lose heat as it is transfered through the mug and onto your hand or the outside temperature...... this is for a regular mug.

    A thermal mug however is different. It has 2 walls and a space in between. This space is typically filled with

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  2. Make Stressballs Head Turning for Your Trade Booth

    1 Stress ball makes for a great promotional item and one happy recipient. However in a trade show setting where every one of your competitors is competing for the same attention of a participant it would take a lot of creativity to draw their attention in the first place. I have seen all sorts of gimmicks in conferences such as free popcorn, fake cash giveaways, video games, gigantic inflatable balloons and more! However how about this for an idea for your next conference. Typically for any trade show a client will easily go through 500 stress shapes. Typically a thousand stress balls is enough to keep up with demand over a normal 2 day trade show. So how about using your promotional stress toys to attract attention? Here are 3 easy tips to get the most out of your stress balls for your next event!

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  3. Promotional Bags In - Plastic Bags Out

    Its been many years now since 2002 when the Australian Enviro Protection & Heritage Council decided on a nation wide need to reduce plastic bags. In place there was a set target with a gradual reduction of plastic bags in place as well as a recycling target to be met. So far this initiative is working! In 2002 there were 5.95 billion plastic bags used. Today there is probably around 3 billion bags so almost a halving since 2002.


    • Australia has successfully reduced plastic bag usage by almost half since the nationwide initiative in 2002.
    • The shift towards reusable alternatives like calico and non-woven bags, as well as the increased use of paper bags. 
    • Businesses can take advantage of the ongoing plastic bag reduction phase by offering custom printed bags.

    So our population has increased and our bag use has gone down. So what gives? What do we use to carry things around?

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  4. Top Advertising Slogans On Promotional Items

    From time to time a lot of our promotional items are branded with not just our clients logos and names but also with a short slogan. Here are some of the best slogans we have seen... some of them we have branded on various products ourselves. For a smart slogan it is not neccessary to have a lot of length. Just a lot of wit and some humour can go a long long way.


    • Slogans enhance brand recognition and differentiation, aiding in consumer recall and decision-making.
    • They foster emotional connections, reinforce brand image, and promote word-of-mouth advertising.
    • On promotional products, catchy slogans increase brand awareness and trigger broader conversations.

    In other instances a slogan can imply and give an added dimension to the perception of a brand. A great slogan can make something boring cool and

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  5. Promotional Items & Tradeshows to Make You Memorable

    This weekend was a popular weekend for expo's in Sydney. There was an Investment Expo,a Housing Expo, an Optical tradeshow as well as an Organic show. All in the one Darling Harbour location. I went to the Organic conference just for fun to see what products are available. One thing I noticed walking out of the show was a huge huge huge amount of trash. The trash was mostly brand new catalogues and pamphlets. Apparently what many people were doing after doing the rounds at the various shows was to take out and discard every and anything that wasn't remotely interesting. I know a bit about printing, it is very very expensive. In fact printing a glossy catalogue can easily cost into the double digits for short run prints. So essentially I saw huge amounts of marketing dollars being thrown away. Promotional bags on the other hand were all readily kept as well as all products that I saw were available such as stressballs and pens from some of the more savvy stands.

    This is where promotional

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