Monthly Archives: September 2011

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  1. How to Plan a Marketing Event

    Marketing events can be a great way to promote your brand and engage with potential customers. However, without a clear plan and strategy, your event can quickly become chaotic and ineffective. In this article, we will discuss two different marketing events and highlight the importance of planning and execution.


    1. Plan and strategize your event.
    2. Promotional products are cost-effective.
    3. Engage attendees with effective distribution.


    Example 1: A Successful Marketing Event

    The first marketing event we will discuss is a Guinness World Record Event for manicures put on by a cosmetic company. This event was well-planned and executed, resulting in a fantastic experience for participants and onlookers alike. Here are some key points that made this event successful:

    • Perfect branding: The cosmetic company had a clear and consistent brand image
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  2. 3 Tips to Consider to Make Branding Promotional Items Clear

    Branding your logo on promotional items is a great way to advertise your company. It is important to have a clear crisp branding. However branding on promotional items may not be as straight forward as you may think to have a crisp clear brand. Here are 3 points to consider to make your logo stand out. These points are common factors which may make your brand not legible. In no particular order they are "colour choice," "font style," "size of print."

    Colour Choice - Selecting colours is the easy part to give you a clear brand. Simply select contasting colours to print such as light colours on a dark surface or a dark colour on a light surface. (eg. Black print on white, or yellow print on black) If you desire something subtler then simply tone down the contast colour such as printing light grey on a black surface instead of branding white). If you wish to be on the safe side simply go for the direct contrast colour. If you are familiar with colour then definitely go for something

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  3. The Spending Habits of Kids

    This is an interesting article I came across in Marketing Mag! Apparently today's Aussie kids aged between 4 and 14 receive an average of $12.38 a week in pocket money or ïncome" My first thought.... that is so UNFAIR.... I got nothing until age 17 and even then shortly afterwards i had to "work" to get anything.

    • Aussie kids aged 4-14 receive an average of $12.38 a week in pocket money, primarily spent on food, clothing, and going out.
    • Children's activities have shifted indoors, with 68% using the internet every 2-3 days for gaming, homework, and social media.
    • Brands like Lego, Milo, and Vegemite are popular among children, who also influence their parents' purchasing decisions.

    Part of the survey showed that the money was not

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  4. 3 Tiers of Promotional Items

    Promotional items comes in all shapes and sizes. They also come available at all different price points too. We have in our range budget promotional items which are functional but are bare basic quality wise as well as mid range promotional items that are a good balance between price and quality as well as premium items which are extremely well made and are intended to last a very very long time.

    1. Target different tiers of users.
    2. Consider innovative promotional products.
    3. Choose an appropriate mix for marketing.

    Promo Item Tier Categories

    If you are looking to use promotional items in your next event or planning to stock up products for new or existing customers that you service it may be a good idea to purchase

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