A fair few resumes come across us this year as we have recruited on several occassions and some of our old job ads are still floating around cyberspace as I type this. Some of the resumes that come through to us are spectacular whilst some look like they were quickly done up in under 10mins by a 5 year old. Of the resumes that score highly on our radar though are neither ones that have qualifications such as university graduates who score a GPA (grade point average) of 4.0 or a high distinction. Nor are the resumes that have an impressive experience record. The ones that instantly stand out are the ones that have: - A bit of Colour - Consistent fonts - A bit of creative flair - A well balanced page structure - Simple understandable duties in their prior roles These stand out for the simple reason that these resumes instantly give out positive vibes about the individual such as: (in order of the points above) - Care & Pride in their work - Consistency in their work - Creativity - An

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