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  1. Desk Top Promotional Items

    Some promotional items are by their nature destined for the draw. Some unfortunate products may end up on the bottom very last draw and neglected for a long time. Definitely not a good idea if you wanted your precious advertising dollar to go further. Things like promotional pens, and business cards nowadays tend to have a higher than normal probability.


    • Desktop promotional items offer visibility and brand exposure by being placed on recipients' desks.
    • Targeted marketing can be achieved by selecting items relevant to the interests and needs of your target audience.
    • Practicality and usefulness increase the likelihood of retention and usage, as items like desk calendars, pen holders, and USB hubs.

    In general though products that are really popular tend to end up forgotten quite quickly as the recipient will typically receive too

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  2. What Is Jute Bag Made From

    A Jute bag is made from a plantation fibre (classified as a vegetable) that is made from the plantation family called Tiliaceae or Malvaceae. This fibre is spun much like a heavy duty rope to create strands of thread. Its typically rough and course in feel and commonly you can see them in their untreated brown form. Its a very low cost material similar to calico bags (cotton) as well as Non Woven Bags (PVC plastic material).

    Jute Bags are our 4th best selling type of promotional bag behind:

    1) Non Woven Bags
    2) Calico Bags
    3) Nylon Bags (like backpacks & duffle bags)
    4) Jute Bags

    To create a Jute Bag the first thing that is needed is the stem of a Jute plant. Only the outer skin is used.

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  3. Top 8 Retro Promotional Items

    Retro is cool!! The term retro commonly refers to a theme or colour or product which is closely associated with a trend that was popular within the last 40 years. There is a nostalgic quantity which is associated with Retro as it can bring up past experiences or the perception of a past which may be a positive association with a bygone era. In other instances retro themed products or retro themed marketing may have amusing or funny connotations such as: - Mullet Haircuts

    - Hyper Colour Change T shirts

    - Bad Music - Bell Bottom Trousers

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