Monthly Archives: February 2012

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  1. Music & PA Volume During Events

    Any event can be enhanced visually and acoustically. It can be an expo or a conference or an outdoor charity event! Adding good ambience to your activity is an easy way to attract crowds and enthusiasm to your event. The easiest way to do this visually is through promotional items. The colour it adds as well as the "fun," factor makes it easy. Better still it can get everyone involved. On the flip side the type of music and the sounds that you can create for your event is also just as important.
    Sound is a great way to attract people. Long before a participant may see you and your conference event a potential customer may hear you if they are nearby. So what works in drawing crowds and what wont work? Here is a list that may help:
    - Keep volume at a level where its loud but not loud enough that you have to talk over it. You must still be able to carry a conversation in a normal way even if you are near a speaker.
    - Up beat but not fast music. Definitely avoid slower rhythms.

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  2. Promotional Items for Tertiary Students

    Imagine being a college student attending an information session for a course or institution that you're interested in. As you walk into the lecture hall, you're handed a branded pen and a flyer about the course. You take a seat and glance around, noticing that every other student has the same pen and flyer in front of them. As the presentation begins, you find yourself struggling to pay attention, distracted by the monotony of the promotional items in front of you. But what if there were a way for institutions and organizations to stand out from the crowd and provide promotional items that were not only unique but also useful? In this article, we will explore some tips for selecting promotional items for tertiary students that will not only increase brand awareness but also provide value to the students themselves.

    1. Choose unique and useful items.
    2. Consider timing and purpose.
    3. Build brand awareness through community.
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  3. Blunt & Senz: Anti-Poke Umbrellas

    Picture this - you're walking on a crowded street on a rainy day, trying to avoid puddles and seeking shelter under your umbrella. Suddenly, out of nowhere, an oblivious pedestrian swings their sharp-pointed umbrella straight into your eyes! We've all been there and it's not a pleasant experience. The problem with pointy umbrellas is that they can be dangerous and inconvenient in tight spaces or crowded areas during the rainy season. But fear not! There is a solution that will ensure you never get poked in the eye again - Blunt & Senz Umbrellas.

    1. Say goodbye to eye-poking umbrellas.
    2. Brand recognition on rainy streets.
    3. Brand your business on umbrellas.



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  4. Boost Perceived Promotional Merchandise Value

    In this article, we'll explore how you can boost the perceived value of your promotional merchandise. By focusing on key indicators, designing with intent, and considering the overall user experience, you can create promotional items that not only catch the eye, but also leave a lasting impression. Let's dive in!


    1. Design with intent for visual appeal.
    2. Utilise consistent branding for cohesion.
    3. Elevate perceived value through packaging.

    Key Indicators of Perceived Value

    To create promotional merchandise that exudes value and quality, you need to consider more than just the materials used or the size and weight of the product. Let's explore some key

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  5. Kid-Friendly Promo Items for School

    Promotional items are a great way to get your brand name out there. When it comes to school bags, promotional items can be a fun and useful addition to any child's backpack. However, it's important to consider safety and appeal when selecting items for kids. In this article, we'll explore criteria for safe and fun promotional items, and more!


    1. Choose safe and fun items.
    2. Kid-friendly items promote school spirit.
    3. Eco-friendly options set a positive example.

    Criteria for Safe School Promo Items

    When selecting promotional items for school bags, safety should be a top priority. Here are some criteria to consider when choosing safe school promo items:

    • Non-toxic materials:
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