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  1. Mothers Day Promotional Items

    As you all know Mothers Day is not long away now as it falls on the 8th of May this year. All around the world each year usually in March April & May there is that once special day dedicated to showing your appreciation for your mother. Although most mothers are shown thanks and kindness from their children all year round this day is that one day where you can make a fuss and go that extra mile to simply say thank you and I love you. Whether you give your mother a card flowers or a box of chocolates its nice to give a token of your appreciation and put a smile on that special ladies face.

    1. Appreciate mothers through personalised gifts.
    2. Optimise promotions for Mother's Day.
    3. Engage customers with unique experiences.


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  2. Promotional Merchandise where to place them in an event?

    Promotional Merchandise is a great way to attract crowds to an event. They are low in cost and provide something that is more permanent than simply brochures and business cards which are more often than not thrown out. (sometimes directly outside of the venue). A promotional merchandise which is either fun or functional or both will be kept and will provide you with a valuable 2nd opportunity down the track to attract that customer. Its useful then to be strategic about placement of promotional merchandise. A good idea would be to place promotional merchandise where you can provide maximum visibility to ensure crowds get drawn to you. However they must also be placed in a location where “freeloaders,” simply cannot take and leave. Why? Well if they leave the moment they receive something chances are 1 of several things:

    a) They were never your target customer in the first place as they simply wanted freebies
    b) They are not given a chance to interact with your staff

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  3. How To Ensure Promotional Items Stay Looking New

    All consumer products eventually get a little worn over time. Shirts can fade with multiple washes whilst products like stationary will get a little stained in time. The same happens to promotional items too. With certain products some tend to age a bit more quicker than others. If you select merchandise with care though you can prolong your merchandise and have them look in top shape for longer. Here are some tips on what colour and product combinations work best to ensure that your team and your marketing products stay in good shape over time.

    Corporate Clothing:
    - Cool dry clothing tends to retain its colour very well compared to cotton. The softer "floppier,"nature of cool dry material also means that its overall shape and structure is kept better than cotton shirts.
    - Avoid Black colors if possible unless your event is only over a couple of days. Black fades very quickly in the wash making it look old very quickly.
    - White Shirts will get underarm stains over time!

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  4. Event Banner Design Tips

    Banners are a must have item for any event. Why? Well they serve many purposes other than just add ambiance. Promotional event banners are typically the first visual item that a potential customer or passerby will see. You may be in a tradeshow hall or in a public outdoor setting, a banner will be the first thing a person sees and whether that person may decide to explore and participate in your event will make a difference between a successful or unsuccessful event. The design of a banner is quite important and it is very tempting to overload a banner with all the information and text that you want to convey about your product, company or service. The best advice is to keep things very very simple.


    1. Keep banner design simple.
    2. Choose easy-to-read fonts.
    3. Prioritise key areas for placement.

    Banner Customisation

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  5. Promotional Items for Lawyers

    Want some great ideas for promotional items but your core audience are lawyers or those in the legal profession? Well please read on for some great tips and ideas.

    To have a promotional product that appeals to lawyers we would recommend two different types of categories being formal or informal customized products. The formal products are items which are quality products that are stylish enough for everyday use. The informal products we recommend are simply items that are a little on the fun side.

    If you want a product that would appeal and last as a custom branded product that has an air of formality, functionality and quality we would recommend product such as these-
    - Compendiums
    - Metal promotional pens
    - Corporate Umbrellas
    - Corporate Satchels
    - Corporate

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  6. Long Term Marketing Items For Brand Names

    Most categories of promotional products that we carry have a huge range from budget branded items to expensive premium products. Generally speaking the more expensive the item is for each category then the more superior in quality and design you would expect to see. With quality comes longevity. So if you opt for a more expensive printed mouse pad such as a welded one or a compendium which is made from full grain leather as opposed to a synthetic one the more premium option will give you increase in useful life for the merchandise.

    So what does this mean when you are selecting a product for your company or product or service?

    Well if you are marketing a company or event(it could be a brand new one or one that has a lot of heritage) then it would make sense to opt for a higher quality product at a lower quantity level as opposed to a lower quality promotional product at a higher volume level. Why? well if you expect the same brand

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  7. Promotional Items for Office Workers

    Many people like us are desk bound workers. aka. Office Workers. If you were looking for promotional items and were targeting the large demographic which is the office worker there are quite a few different options available to you. Targeting office workers with merchandise that will appeal to them and importantly have your product on their desks is a great way to get the word out about your event or your charity or your business. Why? Well more so than any other demographic an office worker will have colleagues or work mates. This means that if you can have a promotional item on the desk of a typical office worker then you are effectively not just advertising to them but also to their immediate team members and occasional passer by! What does this mean? Well it means you have just multiplied your marketing dollar.

    On the flip side though if you have a poorly selected promotional item it can end up in a desk draw and never to be seen again. So choosing wisely is definitely a good

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