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  1. Promotional Jelly Beans - Easy Conference Ideas

    Promotional Jelly Beans - Easy Conference Ideas

    Choosing promotional products is fun simply because there is a huge amount of choice available. After choosing the product there is the style to be selected followed by the colour and then the type of branding to place on it. All this needs to be done in the context of your brand and your image. For many the array of options is like a kid in a candy store. However there are instances where you simpily need a product to be selected fast. Especially if you are running low on time or simply want a fuss free purchasing experience with a product that is guaranteed to appeal to all industries and all recipients. So is there a product that exists that is so universally appealing as a promotional product that you can virtually purchase for your conference with your eyes closed?

    Absolutely and they are called Promotional

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  2. Internet Abbreviations / Slangs

    Internet users have developed many abbreviations over the years. Silly as they might be, we must admit all of us have grown accustomed to the online acronyms of internet use. Many people (especially teenagers) use the internet slang terms these days which seem like irregular or abstract words and claimed these are to ease communications, shorten text messages, and most importantly to save money and time.

    Besides the abbreviations, emoticons are also generally used in instant messengers, online games and social networking such as Facebook or twitter. Two different versions that are culture specific dominate the emoticons / smileys messaging world, is the Japanese a version and the western version. The Japanese version focus on eyes expression for example the smiling face ^_^ as opposed to Western version =)

    Some abbreviations have made it to the Oxford English Dictionary. “LOL” along with other acronyms. LOL means “laughing out loud” its a very common element of internet slang

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  3. Promotional Lipbalm

    Promotional Lipbalm

    Cold winters mean dry skin and chapped lips. Having a promotional lip balm or promotional chapsticks makes perfect sense as a promotional product in wintertime. Promotional lipbalms are not just an item for ladies though. It is used just as often by men too. Lipbalm has got me wondering! Why do we need it in the first place? Well lipbalm is used to moisturise the lips because the skin on your lips have no oil glands. This means unlike other parts of the body it has no natural protection. What makes it even worse is that the skin on lips are thinner than other normal skin. It is precisely these 2 factors that make lips dry out and crack easily and also explains why promotional lipbalms appeal to people of all ages. Promotional lipbalm is the easiest and most convenient way to protect lips and also to sooth cracks as well. So what does a custom branded lipbalm contain?

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  4. Eucalyptus Oil Works Wonders On Promotional Products

    Eucalyptus Oil is amazing. I've recently become a bit of an addict and have started spraying everything! To say Eucalyptus Oil smells nice is an understatment. If there was a picture that needs to be used to describe refreshing then it should be a picture of a bottle of Eucalyptus Oil. Everything just smells so clean! So why am I raving on about a plantation extract on a website about promotional products? Well they work amazing things in making things that have been stored away smell amazing. So if you have ordered or are considering to order things like promotional caps or corporate shirts but don't need to use them straight away then I would recomend to keep a bottle of Eucalyptus Oil (they come in spray cans now too!) handy. (disclaimer: We dont sell eucalyptus oil nor do we own any shares in companies that do

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  5. The Point of Gift Boxing Your Promotional Gifts

    The Point of Gift Boxing Your Promotional Gifts

    Many corporate gift and tradeshow items can be delivered with custom packaging and boxing. I must admit its easily our least popular type of product...... that is packaging. Which is why you may ask why would you bother with gift boxing promotional gifts? Well 2 good reasons:

    1) Presentation
    2) Element of Surprise

    Much like a birthday present or Christmas present a promotional gift is essentially a free gift. An added bonus which can really brighten someones day. Ultimately everyone loves receiving something for nothing. It makes us feel good and it makes us feel valued. The fact that its an item with a higher perceived value the better. This what makes promotional gifts so effective in promoting both you and your companies brand name. If your gift comes packaged neatly it creates several perceptions:

    1) The product is presented neat and tidily. This perception will extend to both you and your companies

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  6. Smarten Up Your Corporate Shirts

    Promotional corporate shirts is supposed to give the wearer confidence. A well fitted shirt which is wrinkle free and with a strong collar gives a structured look and will definitely enhance your body shape. Why bother you may ask? Well you may need to nail that job interview for that position you always wanted or provide that killer presentation to your team or to convince your client that you are the go-to person. If you look smart you will tend to feel smarter too. Besides this no one would tak you seriously anyway if you looked a little shabby. With that in mind here are some tips and ideas on some quick fixes to your corporate shirt which may come in handy.


    1. Add a personal touch.
    2. Accessorise your outfit.
    3. Enhance your professional image.

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  7. Custom Printed Promotional Umbrellas

    Custom Printed Umbrellas

    Umbrellas are consistently one of our best selling promotional products. Especially in the last few years when rainfall has been especially high (compared with 2000 - 05 where rain shortage meant all sorts of weird water saving legislations). Promotional umbrellas are very effective marketing and branding tools for several reasons. First and foremost their branding area is H.U.G.E. In fact I cant even name another product that can have a logo branded on at such a big size. This means one obvious thing of course! Your logo and your branding can be visible from a far greater distance than normal promotional items.

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  8. Quick Last Minute Promotional Items

    Buying promotional items for your corporate brand name probably isnt on the top of your to-do list day in and day out. We understand better than most that there are far more important things to your business that needs to be done. However using promotional items will benefit you and it will benefit your company. Afterall companies like Coca-Cola, Redbull and others have literally built their succes initial and sustained branding on merchandise and posters. So if you have left buying promotional items to the last minute for your event fear not! We have just released an entire category of products just for you! These are products that are ready to be emblazoned with your logo that requires just 1 day for branding. You would need to factor in a day or two for delivery as well as half a day for us to organise a mock up for your approval, however with those out the way you can be assured that this super quick service will mean that you will never be left short for any event that you may be partipating

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  9. Anti Bacterial Custom Hand Sanitizers

    It's almost wintertime! That means several things to me! Firstly it means it's Ski Season time. Secondly, it means it will get real cold and thirdly most of us are going to get the flu at one point in time. From what I have read seemingly the most common causes of flu is actually not by cold temperature itself but actually from germs and bacteria. Germs are most commonly spread through hands and in particular when they come into contact with any part of your face. Germs can easily be spread when they come into contact with your ears, eyes and mouth. Simply rubbing your eyes with an infected hand will really increase your chance of getting the flu. Therefore, the most effective way of stay germ-free this winter is to have clean hands!


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