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  1. RSVP Sydney Event ShowCase

    RSVP Sydney Event ShowCase

    As many of our clients may already know we were exhibitors in the Australian Business Events Expo 2 Weeks ago. The Australian Business Events Expo (What a long name!... Im going to call it ABEE for short) was combined with the RSVP Sydney Event Showcase and our booth was a roaring success.

    First things first though what on earth is the ABEE and RSVP-SES 2012?

    In summary it is the pinnacle event in Australia for all things relating to Expos and Events. If you are even remotely interested in organising Tradeshows, Team Building Activities, Expos, Concerts, Exhibitions then the countries top suppliers and creative minds will be at the show spruiking their latest and most creative pieces of work. The event was held in Sydney Darling Harbour Hall 5 on the 15th and 16th of August 2012

    This year according to the organisers for both these Shows the number of attendents were down. Apparently just over 4000 visitors passed through

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  2. Fund Raising Promotional Products & Volunteers

    Fund Raising Promotional Products & Volunteers

    Fund raising for a charity or a cause is fun. Importantly it raises important funds for worthwhile causes. Therefore it is quite important to not only have a good time but to extract the maximum amount of revenue as possible. Choosing promotional products wisely with products that appear much more expensive than they actually are worth or simply having products that are appealing and cheerful can definitely help. What can also help is to encourage participants to volunteer their time. Fund raising events typically require a lot of hands to help make it a success. Success defined as revenue raised, fun and enjoyment to be had and a really lively atmosphere which can only be created by participants and enthusiasm.

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  3. Promotional Items for Doctors: The 5 Perfect Give-Aways

    Promotional Items for Doctors: The 5 Perfect Give-Aways

    Medical professionals are a lucrative market to target. But you need to be careful about choosing which promotional product to give away if you really like to make a good impression. The trick is to hand out personalised products which are functional for both personal and professional use. You need to consider that most of these doctors work on an irregular schedule and you should take advantage of such opportunity to advertise round-the-clock.

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  4. 5 Tips to Select Promotional Items for Teenagers

    5 Tips to Select Promotional Items for Teenagers

    It should not come as a surprise if businesses these days are spending much money on marketing and advertising campaigns which target teenagers. Although they are essentially kids, you cannot discount the fact they are quick in asserting their individuality and would no longer welcome any choices made by their parents. For such reason, you need to make sure you come up with unique promotional items for teenagers if you want to enjoy market share.

    Of course, that is easier said than done considering their tastes can vary immensely. To be on the safe side, you should take note of the following suggestions:

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  5. 2012 Olympic Merchandise

    The Olympics are over. Records are broken and new ones set. I loved the games. Every bit of it I loved including the more obscure sports. T.V coverage I thought could have done better with a bit more balance in coverage but i guess i cannot have it all!

    Another record that would be broken by this years Olympics is the amount of merchandise that is sold. Adidas alone clocked up almost $150 million in Olympic themed merchandise whilst the official Merchandise from the Olympics will be almost $1billion dollars. Absolutely staggering figures. The variety of products on offer too are absolutely huge. Virtually every consumer product is available with the famous 5 rings as a souveneir for partipants and the viewers to take home. Products that were available on offer include:

    - T Shirts
    - Hoodies
    - Caps
    - Jackets
    - Toys

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  6. Top Tips To Create Iconic Promotional Products

    Flagship Iconic Products

    Want to make your branding as iconic as a Red London Bus?  Read on.  Firstly though what are flagship iconic products?  Well they are items or images that are typically instantly recognised and associated with a brand.  It can be a very popular product that your company sells that everyone knows about or it may be a service or even a fund raising event.  Having an instantly recognized symbol of you is extremely desirable. Easy examples of instantly recognisable products and images include:  Coke, Bic Mac, Red Noses, The Apple image to name a few.

    There are literally thousands of more examples like these which essentially make up how we perceive things around us every single day.

    Developing a promotional product or

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  7. Promotional Mints: A Cool Giveaway

    Do you remember the last time you were at a tradeshow or outdoor event and were given a promotional product that was just too good to forget? Maybe it was a sturdy tote bag or a fun stress ball. Whatever it was, it probably left you with a lasting impression of the brand or event it promoted. If you're looking for a promotional product that is not only practical but also delicious, why not consider promotional mints? In this article, we'll explore why promotional mints are a cool giveaway and how they can benefit your brand or event.


    1. Practical and useful for fresh breath.
    2. Long shelf life, portable and convenient.
    3. Can promote health and wellness.

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  8. Promotional Products for Women

    As a business owner, it's important to select promotional products that appeal to your target audience. When targeting women, it's essential to choose products that are practical, unique, and feminine. In this article, we'll discuss the qualities of excellent promotional products for women and how to choose the right ones. We'll also explore two subtopics related to the main topic: the importance of eco-friendly promotional products and how to create a promotional product campaign.


    1. Choose practical, feminine, unique products.
    2. Consider eco-friendly options for sustainability.
    3. Plan a successful campaign with clear goals.

    Women Promotional Item Qualities

    When selecting promotional products for women, consider the following qualities:

    • Functional - Promotional items should be practical and useful. Giveaway items that are deemed practical
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  9. Promotional Chocolates

    Promotional chocolates are easily everyones most favourite promotional candy. In fact there is not a single person that I know that do not enjoy chocolate. Milk Dark or white... everyone has a preference. As it is winter time now there is no better time to use our custom branded chocolates for your event or conference. The cool weather ensures that they do not melt as easily compared to when it is warmer. That and the fact that chocolate and coffee simply go hand in hand and during the colder months there is no better snack.

    A bit of history on chocolate:
    - Chocolate has been around in one form or another for 3000 years
    - Chocolate is from the cocoa tree and was known to be used by the Maya Culture which is now extinct. The original word was xocoatl which translaed means bitter water.

    As a promotional product chocolate is a great idea as it is very flexible. If you are using chocolates for your next conference or exp here are some great ideas for you:


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