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  1. The Hong Kong Mega Show

    We recently sent one of our team members (me ;) ) to Hong Kong where there was a huge (& I mean an entire soccer field x 3 times) worth of endless booths and exhibitors. The booths housed manufacturers as well as supporting industries like freight forwarding and other services for products in our industry namely, promotional stationery, custom gifts & premiums, branded toys, and brand exposure products (or promotional products). The entire show was a global hotbed of ideas and I was pleased to also bump into a competitor too! It is good to know that some of our competitors care enough which is only a good thing for our industry and definitely a good thing for our customers in getting really cool stuff at an even better price.


    1. Source ethical factories for better products.
    2. Reduce carbon footprint with streamlined production.
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  2. Corporate candy & Candy tins

    Tins of candy are an exceptional way to gift either as a corporate gift or as a product for fund raising. As a simple conference gift or as a little present to you staff or clients it is an extremely versatile idea. Better still its a gift that can last. The candy itself typically can last for up to two years, however expect that the candy will be gone in the first few months. However once the candy is gone the cool thing about them is that the tin will still be around. The tins are really flexible and an easily double up into some other uses. Some examples in include:

    1. As a pen cup
    2. As a paper clip holder
    3. Holder for the kitchen for spoons and forks
    4. Candy cup after refill
    5. Cotton bud holder
    6. Fill it with dried flowers as a natural air deodoriser

    These are just a few uses that a candy tin can have its life span increased. We offer promotional candy that can have both the candy itself or the

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  3. Promotional Bag Ideas

    Are you looking for innovative ways to promote your business and leave a lasting impression on potential customers and employees? Look no further than promotional bags. These versatile accessories not only serve a practical purpose but also provide a powerful branding opportunity. In this article, we will explore different promotional bag ideas that can help you stand out at trade shows, conferences, and corporate events. Let's dive in and discover the impact these bags can have on your brand image.


    1. Elevate brand image with bags.
    2. Customise for maximum impact.
    3. Practicality and style matter.



    Heighten Professionalism with Bags

    In today's competitive business

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  4. Promotional Iphone Stylus - How To Make Your Own!

    Here are some top reasons why you need a touch screen stylus and why you should consider getting a promotional smartphone stylus that is branded with your logo:

    1) Long finger nails
    2) Fat fingers
    3) Fingers that just do not register on a device (I know someone like that)
    4) Precision accuracy for drawing apps and games

    Why you would consider a custom branded pen one is simply because a stylus is cool, effective and extremely unique, not to mention that a huge amount of people use a Smart phone now. Just for a bit of fun though, did you know that you can create your own Iphone Stylus? So with a bit of research I have discovered how a touch screen works:

    - Electrical Conductivity: A screen works by a finger conducting electricity with the screen. Therefore for a stylus to work it must have a metal component to it.
    - A stylus must have around half a centimeter of "give,"to

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  5. Gangnam Style on Channel 7 Sunrise + Freebies

    Psy is in town. Unless you have shunned T.V radio and internet altogether for the past few months you may have heard about his catchy song "Gangnam Style," Like me you may also be puzzled about what on earth he is actually singing about. Well I did some research and here are some trivia that I have found out about both the Hip Hop artist Psy and also about the song.


    1. Psy's universal appeal boosts marketing success.
    2. Promotional products elevate brand exposure.
    3. Handing freebies can build personal connections.



    Facts About South Korean Music Artist Psy

    • Psy has produced six albums in the past, two of which were banned because of “inappropriate content”.
    • Psy is father
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  6. Merchandise for the Music Industry

    I am strongly against illegally downloading media. Things such as movies, music and games are items that I will never ever consider downloading. The reason is that for any product to be produced it takes a huge amount of effort to produce and a huge amount of risk and investment to even get the project started. To simply have all this effort and risk not rewarded by having an individual go through some obscure computer website to look and find content to download illegally to me is a little unethical and a little selfish.

    In saying all this unfortunately I feel that I am in the minority. Many people think it is perfectly okay to illegally download mediums like books, games, movies and music. This puts a huge dent into the revenue stream of companies that put the money in to create content. You may not care about the revenue stream of a company but you will definitely care when the quality of music, movies and games start to deteriorate. For todays blog topic I wanted to focus

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  7. Custom Christmas Gift Ideas Under Three Dollars!

    Get in early and start planning for Christmas. Many of our customers have already begun (many already completed) ordering for the end of the year already. You may ask but it is only mid October is it too early? Absolutely not. The bad news is that it is too late to order indent custom made gifts already as there is insufficient time for production and shipping. The good news is that stocked levels have never been higher for locally stored products. That means you will not be dissapointed if you needed some great fun products at a low price.


    • Start planning and ordering Christmas promotional products early to secure availability and timely delivery.
    • Custom-made gifts may no longer be feasible due to production and shipping constraints, but locally stored products have abundant stock.
    • Opt for affordable options under $3 that can be branded with your logo.


    To kick

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  8. Branded Gifts for Kids

    As a business, using branded gifts and merchandise for kids as part of a marketing campaign can be a valuable tool. In this article, we explore the benefits of this strategy for both the company and the recipient, as well as ethical considerations. We also provide examples of branded gifts for kids and tips for choosing the right products.

    1. Increase brand loyalty with branded gifts.
    2. Choose safe, age-appropriate, and aligned products.
    3. Promote positive values and ethics.

    Promotional Products and Branding

    Here we enumerate the crucial role that promotional products play in branding a company, including increasing brand recognition, differentiation from competitors, and targeting specific demographics.

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  9. Promotional Products In Gift Boxes

    Promotional gift boxes. Do we really need them, especially when they are used to carry custom branded items. I must admit possibly half the gift boxes that we send out along with an item are generally tucked away inside a drawer or they are used to carry other stuff other than the intended item. It begs the question, why on earth would you want to pay extra for a gift box and why on earth would you even want to pay that little bit more to brand your logo onto it?


    1. Enhance branding with luxury packaging.
    2. Select relevant, high-quality products.
    3. Create memorable, consistent designs.

    Gift Boxed Merchandise Benefits

    A gift box is definitely

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  10. Top 5 Indoor Branded Products That Can Be Thrown

    Modern Life! - This means we are indoor for most of the day. Even if your job takes you outdoors inevitably you will still spend most of your other hours either in restaurants or at home. If you work in an office then the amount of time spend indoors will be huge. Therefore as a branded product with your logo it would make sense to create and distribute merchandise to your recipient that can be used indoors.

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