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  1. Products Made from Recycled Plastics

    Australia's high per capita rates of rubbish are a significant concern, but the country's recycling efforts are commendable. The recycling industry in Australia is growing, and the country is becoming a recycling powerhouse. The availability of products made from recycled materials in shops and promotional merchandise is a testament to the success of these efforts.

    1. Australia's recycling industry is growing.
    2. Promotional products made from recycled plastics offer benefits.
    3. Challenges remain, including contamination and lack of infrastructure.

    Recycling Efforts in Australia

    Australia's high per capita rates of rubbish consumption are a significant concern. However,

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  2. Small Promotional Umbrellas

    It has been extremely misersable and wet in Sydney these past few days with forecast for more rain to come.  It is therefore not so surprising that we are now getting more queries for promotional umbrellas.  What may come to a surprise for you is that fold up umbrellas or compact umbrellas are one of our least popular promotional products. Golf umbrellas are always first choice for many corporates and medium sized ones are about half as popular as golf ones.  However the foldup umbrella rarely get a mention from our clients.

    Speaking from personal experience it is a real shame though.  There are many instances where small umbrellas are simply better to use than large ones.  Some of the positives that small promotional umbrellas have over big ones include:

    1)  Compact size to save space in car boots
    2)  Compact size which allows commuters to store them in a bag or tucked hidden away next to you
    3)  The

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  3. Promotional Items for Back To School

    As the school holidays come to an end, both kids and parents are starting to feel the anticipation and maybe even a bit of dread. The cost of education is no joke, and the expenses for daily school essentials can quickly add up. From pens and bags to water bottles and more, it's easy to see why many parents are sighing at the thought of back-to-school shopping. But what if there was a way to make this transition easier? What if you could not only save money but also create a memorable experience for students? That's where promotional items come into play. By leveraging the power of branded products, businesses can provide year-round exposure for their company while helping alleviate the burden on parents.


    1. Save money on school essentials with promos.
    2. Promote your brand and aid parents.
    3. Select practical, safe items kids love.

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  4. DIY - Making Your Own Iphone Speaker Horn

    Iphones and for that matter Ipads are great devices. Their Audio quality and volume though has a lot to be desired. It is no fault of Apple though as it is simply physics. You see to achieve a loud sound the only option is either:

    1) Have a Large enclosure for the sound waves to re-verberate and to house larger electical drivers to enable higher volumes
    2) Have the listener really close to the source. ie. headphones

    This is why the Iphone Horn which we released early last year in 2012 has been such a ground breaking product. We have released a version which accomodates the new Iphone 5 by the way! All brandable with your corporate and event logos of course.

    Did you know that you can also create your own Iphone horn which even doubles as a mobile phone stand? Granted it probably wont be as good as our promotional phone stands or Iphone horn but they still work well anyhow. Only simple household items are required to make then including:

    1) Toilet

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  5. Cleaning Mugs With Bi-Carb Soda Video

    A few months ago on this blog I was raving about how bi-carbonate soda (available for only a few dollars in supermarkets) was fantastic in removing mug stains.  I was not able to demonstrate it with photos and videos until today where we found this old stained mug.  Check out the video below and see how easily bi carb soda easily removes grime which normally cannot be removed even with a steel mesh sponge.

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  6. Your Branded Products With Custom Colours

    Having a range of over 8000 products on our website may definitely confuse and frustrate. What if you were simply after a product .... any product in your company or event colour? Most promotional products come in the basic (ie. popular colours) of:

    - Black or White
    - Blue
    - Green
    - Yellow
    - Red

    These colours may be suitable for most but probably not for all. If you had an event that had a main colour theme which is a bit more obscure like Burgundy or Teal for example it would make sense that you want your product to be in that colour too.

    colours 2013.jpg

    For most products you see on our website we can have them custom made for

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  7. Tradeshow Bags With Gussets

    As a business owner, you know how important it is to promote your brand to the right people, especially during trade shows. However, with so many businesses vying for the attention of attendees, you need to stand out from the crowd. One effective way to do this is through the use of promotional bags, which can serve as an excellent marketing tool for your business. In this article, we will discuss how to select the best bags for your trade show promotions and how to avoid common mistakes that could be costing you valuable leads.


    1. Choose the right bag for impact.
    2. Consider size, design, and quality.
    3. Types of bags for trade shows.


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  8. Promotional Bracelets or Wristbands

    Promotional Wristbands – For Charity, Fund Raising or Events

    There are certain branded products which go from zero interest to a global phenomenon in a short space of a few years. Silicone gel bracelets are one of them. Who knows who invented them? I do know they have been available as a custom promotional product for decades now and then all of a sudden in the past 10 years their popularity has absolutely sky rocketed. Not just with kids neither but with celebrities and politicians as well.

    Silicone wristbands resemble gigantic elastic rubber bands (except with a lot less stretch). They are a lot smoother of course so getting them on and off your wrist is quite easy. These wristbands are low in cost, come in virtually any shade of desired colour and are normally branded using methods such as:

    - Printed Wristbands (simply pad printed using a machine) with spot colours of your choice for your logo or message

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  9. Promotional Caps & Avoiding Cap Hair

    What is Cap Hair or Hat hair is a syndrome that affects all Aussie men and women who prefer to wear caps or hats. I wear caps all the time. In fact at least for a minimum of 3 days a week you would see me in either a promotional cap, a paddy cap or a beanie. Headwear for me is not a style statement but merely a convenience. I simply do not need to comb my hair in the morning. However, the bad thing about wearing headwear is that it needs to be taken off at sometime during the day. They do get warm and at times your head does get itchy and realistically it is also not terribly polite to wear headwear indoors anyway. When hats are taken off though hair tends to fall flat around your scalp. By that, I mean pancake flat and very very nasty looking. In this post, we'll discuss how to avoid this and the important things you need to know about promotional caps.


    1. Avoid hair products, embrace conditioner.
    2. Choose breathable 100% cotton
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  10. Custom Polo Shirt Styling Tips

    Custom Polo shirts in particular have slowly creeped into many different aspects of work wear. They are now commonly worn in all sorts of businesses and events from:

    - Corporate Office Wear (starting with casual Fridays and spreading over to other days)
    - Front Office Sales Staff
    - Tradeshow & Conference Booth uniform
    - Creative industries
    - Off-Site Days
    - Plumbing, Electrical, Building and other outdoor active occupations
    & more

    If this season you are thinking of upgrading or stepping into a more relaxed workwear feel for you and your company you need not need to worry about your professional image and style if you read on and follow these simple tips.

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