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  1. Now Available - Promotional Bicycles

    We try really really hard to be ahead of the curve to bring you products that you may have never heard about for your business or for your event. This is why we are offering Australias first customisable bicyles. Bicycles are hot at the moment. They are everywhere. In keeping up with trends and demand we are now officially offering Promotional Bicycles. Now we are not going to pretend that they are very compact and nor are they suitable for many types of businesses but they are definitely a point of difference. With promotional bicycles we can have them custom branded (yes actually custom branded) with your company or event colours as well as logos. Bicycles are absolutely a blast and every child and adult would love them. Here are some great ideas for where and when you can use promotional bicycles for business use.

    Ideas For Your Business To Use Bicycles

    - For companies that work in a large complex or building a custom branded bicycle is simply awesome for staff, visitors

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  2. The Perils of Takeaway Coffee Cups

    Takeaway coffee cups that you and I use everyday are an environmental peril. In our opinion they are as a whole a much much nastier by product of everyday living even compared with other disposables that end up as litter like takeaway boxes, food packaging, cigarette butts and even exhaust from automobiles. Why? Well there are several reasons. Coffee as a product in itself is generally considered an essential for many people everyday. So some of us may consume the odd takeaway box at lunch time today (some may be considerate enough to recycle them) whilst many smokers overtime do desire to kick the habit but what makes coffee cups different when they are disposed is the sheer quantity. This product is consumed at a relentless pace everyday by most people. In fact expenditure on coffee along will reach $800 million it is forecasted by the end of this year.

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  3. New Printed Folders - Now In Stock At Lower Prices

    After months and months of negotiations we are now proud to offer a huge new range of custom printed folders. Now we know we have always have had folders and binders in our range, however with those items they were custom made to order hence needed a larger than usual minimum order. The custom made range of binders and folders also needed a lot of customer input into designing the product too which made it a little bit more cumbersome for people to order.

    However with our new supplier we now have a range of stocked binders at a super low price that can be printed with your logos and graphics. Over the coming weeks we will be adding new styles and options on our website in our custom branded folder section. We now hold product that would be familiar to many of you as these are the same brands that are sold in retail shops everyday right around the country including:


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  4. Stress Ball Fruit Shapes & interesting things about fruit

    We cannot believe it but it has been 3 years to this date now that we have launched our unique awesome range of fruit shaped stressballs. These products have been an absolute blast and have been ever so popular. We have had companies and organisations of all different industries use these branded stressballs for various events and fuctions with terrific success. The bright colours attract a lot of attention and the fun unique shapes make kids and adults want to have one. To celebrate we thought we do a little research on each of our stress ball fruits and we found some very amusing information from world records to little know facts and histories. Check them out below:


    Here are a few World Record Holders using lemons to achieve their fame as well as interesting

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  5. The Aerobie Longest Frisbee Throw That Inspired Our Promotional Donut Frisbee

    We have this one particular product in our catalogue of frisbees. It is conveniently named "The Donut Frisbee," as you can already tell from the picture it resembles a gigantic donut.

    This particular frisbee has been in stock with us for a touch over 2 years now and is still a hot selling product do primarily to the shape and also the fact that it is also really economical in price. However did you know that there is more about this frisbee than meets the eye?

    You see the shape of it was inspired by the original and patented Aerobie. The Aerobie was the first original donut frisbee and it was designed not just merely to be a toy but to be the best frisbee ever made. Alan Adler invented the Aerobie and immediately there are two things unique about it:

    1) It is made from silicone rubber which tapers in like a

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  6. Phablets vs The Worlds Smallest Phone

    Have you heard the new tech word of the month?  No it is not LOL or BTW or Ultra books it is Phablet.  A phablet is phone + tablet = Phablet.

    We at Cubic have an invested intesrest in keeping up with the coolest tech trends.  Our fastest growing category of products being promotional phone tech afterall is entirely devoted to these cool shiny sleek gadgets. 


    • Gadgets revolutionize communication and enable global connectivity.
    • Gadgets enhance productivity with remote work capabilities and streamlined apps.
    • Gadgets provide convenient access to entertainment through streaming services and gaming devices.


    The official Phablet would belong to Samsung with their range of Galaxy Note range of phones which has gradually increased in size from the

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  7. 8 Coolest Promotional Coin Banks

    I have no doubt that anybody reading this right now would have owned a money bank at one point or another.  In fact if you are like me the ones you have are more than likely to be promotional coin banks that have been issued by banks or children related companies.  The cool thing about a promotional money bank is that kids love them.  Adults love them even more because they help teach kids about the value of money and saving.  Here are the top 8 money banks that we have come across that are totally awesome.  In fact 2 of the styles are so cool they are now part of our range of promotional products and are in stock right now ready to be branded with your logo.  


    1. Coin banks turn saving into fun.
    2. Customised banks boost brand visibility.
    3. Promotional coin banks spark customer
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  8. Promotional Calculators For When You need answers Quick

    Calculators have been built into everything today. Computers, phones and even watches have them. Despite that fact though calculators are still going very strong and are still ever so popular. There are countless scenarios where nothing beats a calculator for sheer convenience and ergonomics. The advantages of a promotional calculator include:

    1) Convenience. If you were in a retail environment or you were selling large item products such as cars, televisions or other big ticket products it is definitely a good idea to use calculators for both your sales team as well as customers. It allows them to walk and discuss freely possibilities as well as pricing options with more ease than what a computer or phone can provide.

    2) Accuracy. Touch screen inputs typically found on tablets and smart phones are simply prone to errors. This is why the tactile feel of a calculator even small little ones are a huge advantage

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  9. Branded Products for Sports Teams

    If there is one thing we like doing here at Cubic Promote it is kitting out sports teams. More than any other corporate or charity they always have awesome colours for us to work with and the results are always crowd pleasing. In this post, we'll discuss their importance and benefits.


    • Engaging fans through diverse merchandise.
    • Embracing global branding strategies.
    • Enhancing Australian sports team offerings.

    Sports Team Merch Importance

    One thing about creating branded products for sports teams is that their supporters are a lot more fanatical than say the average donor for a charity or the typical client for a companies product or services. The emotional attachment to sporting teams are high no matter what type

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  10. New Promotional Product Ideas

    Are you looking for that unique promotional product that simply no one else has?  Or perhaps you and your company are simply progressive early adopters.  Trail blazers in other words.  If you are one of these people that simply need the newest of things then these brand new promotional products may be just the thing for you. Here is a summary of some of the new products we have introduced in the last few months which we reckon will totally rock when you use them for your marketing campaign.


    1. Consider audience, branding, practicality, quality.
    2. Find new ideas through trends, research, and brainstorming.
    3. Choose standout products for your audience.

    New Corporate Gift Ideas

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