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  1. Why You Need To Keep Your Merchandising Fresh

    Apple is the biggest company in the world and they have an array of products that have been ground breaking. They were the company which was fresh out of blocks with stylish computers, Ipods, Iphones and Ipads. As of late though many analysts and forums have commented on how Apple seem to have lost a bit of their edge. Their new range of product is no longer as new and with June around the corner everyone is expecting the same regular roll out of a new iphone, a new ipad and potentially other upgrades of other existing products. Nothing substantially new and nothing to get customers excited about and nothing yet to starve off strong competition by other smart phone brands.

    Have you thought about keeping your company image fresh? Things like marketing and merchandising go a long way in establishing your image. If you have used the same type of round blue stress ball for your marketing for the past few years it is perhaps time to change. Yes, it may be a little bit of a risk

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  2. Magnets: Effective Promotional Assets

    Promotional magnets have been a popular promotional tool for businesses for decades. Despite the rise of technology and internet access, magnets remain a popular item for businesses to use as a marketing tool due to their ease of use and tangibility. This article discusses the effectiveness of using custom magnets as a promotional tool for businesses.

    1. Custom magnets are convenient and effective.
    2. They offer cost-effective branding benefits.
    3. Design is key for effectiveness.

    Custom Magnet Convenience

    Custom magnets are a convenient and effective way for businesses to promote their products or services. Here are some key points to consider:

    • Magnets can be placed on metal surfaces such as refrigerators, filing cabinets, and cars, making them highly visible and easily accessible.
    • They
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  3. Fun Facts about our Corporate Jelly Beans

    A cool thing about us is that working here in Cubic Promote affords us the luxury of playing with all sorts of toys in the course of our work. It is not just toys though, we get access to a virtually never ending supply of candy including yummy jelly beans. If we run out of candy we simply order more from our warehouse. If they are out of stock in the warehouse then we get more produced. In some respects it is every kids dream come true.

    1. Jelly beans are a versatile promotional product.
    2. Customise packaging with your branding.
    3. Use as giveaways at events.

    Jelly Bean Cool Facts

    Jelly beans are heads and shoulders ahead of other types of lollies. With that in mind we want to celebrate the humble bean

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  4. Essential Promotional Items for Businesses

    Being in business means being in a competitive environment, in fact in most industries monopolies have long been gone and with the exception of only a few duopolies most companies operate in a fiercely competitive market and every favourable impression counts. Using promotional items are one such way to create a good impression. Here are 5 specific products we believe that every company should not be without. Why? Well much like the humble business cards these are the products that most of your competitors have been using already as part of their marketing merchandise. 


    1. Promotional items create good impressions.
    2. 5 products every company needs.
    3. Creative ways to use them.

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  5. Corporate Branded Fun Run Products

    There are so many fun run events happening this year organised for all sorts of charities and events. There are big ones and small ones with seemingly an event happening each and every week. This year we have been surprised by the amount of products we have been doing for marathons and fun runs. I jog quite a bit myself and combined with the knowledge I have been accumulating with each and every purchase order we have been accumulating quite a bit of knowledge and know how when it comes to outfitting a corporate team or a club with custom branded fun run products. Here are some things we have learnt.


    • Optimise branded merchandise for comfort.
    • Emphasise uniform colour coordination.
    • Offer memorable, functional promotional items.

    Custom Fun Run Merchandise Tips

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    • Perishable Branded Products

      We like to always recommend clients to order a little more merchandise than is needed for any event. Buying in bulk offers multiple advantages including cost-effectiveness, lower prices per unit, the ability to store products for impromptu sponsorship events, and the assurance that no clients will be left without. However, in this blog post though I'm going to chat about something that is totally opposite. There are certain products where we simply think it is in your best interest to go a little bit more conservative when you are working out numbers. These are the products that are perishable. You would be surprised but it is not just limited to edible products. Do you want to know more? Read on!


      1. Choose high-quality perishables for longevity.
      2. Consider audience preferences and events.
      3. Packaging and branding matter.

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    • Eco Bamboo Branded Products

      Increasingly you may notice that we have been using bamboo in a lot of our promotional products. Things like

      - Promotional Bamboo bags
      - Bamboo Flash drives

      - Bamboo phone chairs

      - Bamboo rulers and stationery sets

      - Bamboo pens

      Why do we use bamboo? Well simply because we think it is the material of the future. There are a lot of benefits to be had by using bamboo which cannot be replicated by plastic. In saying that there are also a few drawbacks when compared to plastic but overall it is a tremendous material that we are investing heavily in because of its benefits.
      What are the Benefits of Using Bamboo to make Promotional Items?

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    • Stock Inventory Tips For Fund Raising Using Promotional Products

      Fund raising are awesome events and we at Cubic Promote love them. Why? Well it is one of those awesome occassions where everybody wins. The charity or needy cause will definitely benefit from the extra funds, whilst their profile also benefits. What makes it even better is that these are such community based events where everyone is invited to help out means that adults and kids alike will have a blast. For children it is also educational, they learn marketing skills as well as financial skills.

      However with any fund raising using products it would be prudent to keep in mind factors that will effect your sales. The number 1 factor which will effect your fund raising efforts unfortunately cannot be contolled. This is bad weather and is unfortunately responsible for an un accountable amount of missed opportunities. The second factor you can control to a degree. This is the stock inventory of product for sale.

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    • Upgrade Uniforms Inspired by Fashion

      Today is the last day of the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia. It is happening right now just outside of our office showroom in Martin Place. Now our range of uniforms and work wear are no way considered haute couture by any stretch of the imagination, it is however still interesting to know what colours and styles are trending this season. Afterall our most basic clothes are determined to an extent by what happens way way up the fashion chain. But we could still get a styling tip or two from Fashion Week 2013 that can be applied to your future custom uniforms. We'll cover this on this post, so read on!


      1. Upgrade branded uniforms with fashion.
      2. Unify employees with professional uniforms.
      3. Increase brand recognition through uniforms.

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    • Hand Sanitizers - The Essential Winter Promotional Gifts

      The chill is definitely descending on us all. Especially for those of us that live in Sydney, Melbourne, Tassie and other southern regions. Unfortunately with the cold weather it also means the onset of the flu season. Germs, viruses and influenza are nasty. There are so many strands of germs now that even vaccinations only cover a fraction of immunity to certain germs. The best and easiest way to prevent the dreaded flu is by prevention in the first place. The easiest would be our promotional hand sanitizers. These little bottles of magic have germ killing properties of up to 99.99%. Virtually all germs are stopped in their tracks. These are intended to be used on hands only (not on faces). Most germs are spread through hands, especially when we handle everything with our hands including food and especially when we are touching or scratching our face. Germs tends to go through our eyes, mouth and ears.


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