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  1. USB Flashdrives 2.0 or 3.0: What to Choose?

    Today's post is a little bit more technical than usual. It is about promotional USB flash drives. Now most flash drives that you see on our website and that you see on our shops are 2.0. It is a dated technology and the new 3.0 is definitely a lot better. But what do all these numbers mean?


    1. USB 2.0 vs USB 3.0 speeds.
    2. Customisation and pre-loading content.
    3. Wider audience reach with flash drives.


    What is 2.0 and 3.0 USB Speed?

    A 2.0 flash drive denotes the speed of data transfer between your flash drive memory device and your computer. Theoretically a 2.0 flash drive can transfer

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  2. Custom Ponchos and Raincoats

    It seems to me that the weather pattern is becoming more and more unpredictable these days. You may or may not know but if you were organising an event for charity or simply a promotional campaign for your company or product the number 1 factor effecting participation rate would be rain. If you were an event organiser this is an absolute night mare especially with the time and effort made but more importantly the amount of money spent to secure the correct insurance and locations. Promotional ponchos and raincoats may help ease the misfortune a little. They are better than umbrellas in the sense that your team members are still free to move around normally.

    Ponchos and Rain Coats: Pros and Cons

    Ponchos and rain coats

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  3. Seed Sticks as a Promotional Item

    Seed sticks are proudly made in Australia and the concept is patented in Australia as well. They are an awesome product that is suitable for promotional use by literally any type of company in any type of industry. First things first though, what exactly is a seedstick? To find out, please read on.


    1. Unique, eco-friendly promo for all.
    2. Customisable Australian-made seed sticks.
    3. Benefits: environment, biodiversity, sustainability.


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  4. Benefits of Personalised Lunch Boxes

    Promotional lunch boxes are not just a fashionable item or a nostalgic representation of elementary school memories. They can be utilised as an efficient marketing tactic to maximise business endeavours and enhance brand familiarity. This article will examine the advantages of personalised lunch boxes as promotional merchandise, identify the standards that qualify them, display companies that would profit from them, and detail how to formulate them for optimal effectiveness. Are you all set? Well then, let's begin!

    1. Personalised lunch boxes promote brand familiarity.
    2. Versatile and practical for all ages.
    3. Fun, unique designs enhance value.

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  5. How Your Business May Benefit from a USB Web Key

    USB web keys are the product of the moment. These have been used by businesses in Europe and Asia for a few years now and in Australia they are beginning to take off in a big way this year. We think your marketing will benefit from web keys as they are so simple to use and so low in cost. What exactly is a web key though and specifically what will you get out of using them as part of your product mix? To find out read on:

    What is a Web Key?

    A web key is a device that plugs into a conventional USB port found on all computers and laptops. Visually it looks much like a regular flash drive and more often than not it would be much slimmer in profile too. The key difference a Web Key has with a Flash drive though is the internal memory. Web Key has enough internal memory to save a website URL and nothing else. You cannot store data on it nor can you retrieve data other than a website. A flash drive as you all know can save and view anything from photos to documents.


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  6. Luxury Branded Pens

    Today's blog post is arguably about the single most popular yet the single most boring product that we carry which is the promotional pen. (a promotional pen is defined as a pen with your branding on it). Many of us would know that plastic pens unfortunately are regularly lost, misplaced, dropped, thrown and given away more often than we can remember. This is definitely not good for you and your brand especially when you paid money for that product. You would have thought that giving a pen would not be a good idea right? Well if you are considering a corporate gift we would definitely still recommend a pen. Not just any old pen but a luxury pen.

    Why Use a Luxury Pen as a Corporate Gift?

    All pens are not created equal. Some pens are simply more special because of the attention to detail and the sheer quality. To use a far fetched but similar analogy, like the Olympic Games not all medals are equal. There is simply more interest and esteem held for the 100meter gold

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  7. Choose Promotional Items Based on Recipient

    On a few occassions this week I have spoken to clients who were a little perplexed with the huge amount of choice available when searching our website for ideas on promotional items. Little wonder, in our effort to give you more choice the number of options available for products branded with your logo has now passed 8,000 unique items. So with that in mind I thought I share with you some tips that I always recommend to our clients to help them choose the most suitable product at the most suitable budget. This is especially useful when you want to have something that is maybe a little bit different than your regular promotional pen but still just as practical and useful.


    1. Know your target audience.
    2. Tailor products to complement lifestyle.
    3. Create a positive brand impression.

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  8. Cooking Hot With Promotional Products

    Cooking is hot hot hot at the moment. In fact what originally seemed to be a bit of a novelty and a bit of a fad that would fade away 5 years ago with the first episode of MasterChef has not just continued but snowballed and morphed into a huge industry in itself. There are now several reality shows revolving around cooking whilst T.V chefs are as popular as ever.

    As a lead supplier of branded merchandise we have been lucky enough to work with a few reality television franchises in delivering products printed with their logos. Our most recent work was the MKR (My Kitchen Rules). As the interest in cooking has increased it makes sense to have products branded with your logo made just for the home and specifically just for the kitchen. Why? Well using products personalised with your logo is all about the act of giving and at the same time creating brand awareness by having the recipient see your brand all the time. With that in mind what better way than to give them a product

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  9. Case Study- Origin Energy Branded Candy Bags

    Origin Energy a company in here in Sydney Australia has had a spectacular promotional campaign with branded candy bags. This is a product we carry but as a disclaimer it was not a project that we have supplied them with. The reason why I wanted to mention it on this blog was that it was a roaring success. The bags of candy were absolutely delicious and it had many members in our team talking about it and in fact some actively went out to seek the candy. Here is a few details about this promotional campaign that I can deduce.
    Case Study Origin Energy Branded Candy (Toffee Bags)

    Location: Sydney CBD
    Product: Freebie Chocolate Toffee Bags
    Quantity Per Bag: 5 Lollies per bag
    - Plastic Wrapper 2 colour print
    - Foodgrade Safe Wax Paper 1 colour print
    Quantity Ordered: (guess / estimate only) - Easily over 10,000 bags
    Distribution Method: Promotion staff

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