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  1. Stress Balls: Help Us Choose!

    At the moment our website has a touch over 8,000 individual products, but we actually want to add more!  More choice of products means more options for you so we rekon that can only be a good thing. Now one of the category of products we have not added new items in a while is actually stress balls.  We think we have a huge range but we think we can do better for you.  Unfortunately we are a bit of a bind!  We simply don't know what you might like for your next promotional product for your organisation.  So instead of us second guessing we though we invite you to vote by simply emailing us with a number corresponding to the option of your choice below.  So without wasting anymore time here goes:


    1. Help choose stress ball styles.
    2. Benefits include stress relief, focus.
    3. Use for promotion at events.


    Preferred Stressball Style?

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  2. Custom Merchandise Made Desirable by Sport Victories

    If you work in any company or organisation you would know that at the end of the day you would want your product or service to be desirable.  It is quite easy, if your product is desirable then that would mean you can sell your product easily or if you are providing a not for profit service then you would get more positive attention.  The hard part of course though is making your actual product or service desirable in the first place and making people aware of you.

    Use Custom Merchandise To Celebrate Sport Victories

    Using custom merchandise can help in both creating awareness for your company as well as increasing the desirability of your brand.  To find out how please read on!

    Sporting events are powerful mediums which when used properly you can leverage a lot of marketing value out of.  If you are looking at using sport to market your brand name then obvious avenues include sponsorship of the team in question.  Less

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  3. New York Subway Metro Custom Printed Playing Cards

    New York needs no introduction and iconic landmarks such as their metro railway system is almost as famous as hit T.V shows and movies.  Images like the photos below are made familiar not just to Americans but also to people around the world including us Aussies.


    It is with much delight to myself and many that Metrodeck has released a set of playing cards that celebrate the famouse Train subway system.  These are not just any ordinary custom printed playing cards with a few photos of landmarks though.  This deck of playing cards is an actual piece of the subway as they are made from actual train ticket cards.  These cards are very special and some interesting designs include:

    -  Queen of Hearts = Statue of Liberty
    -  King of Spades = New York Library
    -  Joker - Coney Island
    -  Kind of Diamonds = Empire State Building

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  4. Corporate Gift Idea: Wine Aerator

    When you hear the word "Corporate Gift," I am willing to bet the words "Wine Aerator," will not be the first thing on your mind. We really think you would be interested in this little device though. Why? Well it is a little device that makes for a perfect corporate gift because it ticks all the right boxes in product appeal. Allow me to introduce this product to you.

    What is a Wine Aerator

    A wine aerator is a little device that puts more air into wine. Why is this a good thing? well it enhances the flavour of wine which would have typically been inside a bottle for years. The aerator sits on the top of a bottle and funnels air through wine as it is poured out of the bottle.

    Reasons Why a Wine Aerator is a Great Promotional Gift

    A wine aerator like the one we stock is a terrific promotional gift because it ticks all the right boxes about what makes a gift memorable. Our wine aerator is:

    1) More expensive

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  5. Make Your Promotional Product a Collectible

    Do you own a collection of albums? Or perhaps sneakers, maybe once upon a time you had a collection of stamps or coins. Most people including myself (I collect radio control cars & my son likes collecting Thomas The Tank Engine) would be avid collectors at one stage or another of something. Did you know that there is a huge huge following for collectors of promotional items? In fact the collectors of those promotional items may not even realise. Products such as:

    - Memento Pins
    - Memento Spoons
    - Souveneir Olympic Merchandise
    - Iconic Brand Name Merchandise - ie. Coca Cola products

    and much much more are common products collected by enthusiasts. There are many reasons why something eomes collectible. It could be because collectors are waiting fo:

    - The next item they collect to be worth a fortune
    - They are genuine fans of the organisation ie. Olympics or Coca Cola
    - They associate the product with something that they like
    - Or they simply like

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  6. A Little Gift Can Go A Long Way

    Over the long weekend I spend a half day at an expo in Sydney. It was a terrific event and me and my little boy had heaps of fun. Others that I knew though felt a little cheated. I will explain why. The event was held in Sydney and targeted kids and their parents (I'm going to try really hard not to mention the event name out of courtesy to the organisers).

    The event had:

    1) Purchased Tickets prior to entry
    2) Upon Entry - Booths offering products for sale.

    The event had a lot going for it. It had activities by the bucket load to sample and try out various products. This was a great idea as it let guests play at their own leisure and interact with the vendors and of course with the actual product itself.

    Lots of people had a ball playing with them. The majority of the vendors (or booth operators) sold their wares direct to the public. Now it was here that was the issue. The exhibition was not for free and for many attending the price would be relatively

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  7. Benefits of Wearing Hi-Vis Workwear

    I read this amusing article in the morning paper today. It was about social invisibility for certain occupations, or to be a bit more clear it was about whether wearing hi visibility work wear make you invisible and not attractive to women because of your perceived social standing.


    • Hi-vis workwear can lead to social invisibility, with workers being judged based on their perceived social standing and attractiveness.
    • Despite this, hi-vis workwear is crucial for worker safety, compliance with regulations, and preventing workplace accidents.
    • The benefits of wearing hi-vis workwear, such as increased productivity and a professional appearance.

    Obviously there are countless debates and articles written about perceptions made on women but do men also get the same judgemental treatment? Especially those whose jobs require wearing hi

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  8. Promotional First Aid Kits

    Let us be honest. When you think of the word Promotional Products does the word First Aid Kit come to mind? I am guessing not. My best guess is that upon hearing that word the first thing that comes through your mind is possibly pens, stress balls, tees, or bags. But promotional first aid kits would not definitely enter your mind, and that's how unique and rare this promotional item is. And unique products like this are what will make you stand out from the crowd. Let us discuss this exceptional promo item more in this post.


    1. Unique, practical promotional item.
    2. Lasting exposure, positive associations.
    3. Customise for purpose, budget.

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  9. Printed Stubby Holders Landing People in Hot Water

    Stubby coolers custom printed with graphics and images are always a huge seller in our range. They are simple enough products that are generally liked and used over and over again. When you are using stubby coolers branded with your logo and for your event it is worth considering if they are appropriate though as ultimately stubby coolers is associated with alcohol and for that reason they may be considered inappropriate in certain instances.

    Age Appropriate Stubby Cooler Recipients

    A few years ago an Australian High School landed into hot water for distributing printed stubby coolers for year 12 graduates. The message was obvious with hindsight as a stubby cooler implies drinking and alcohol. This probably was not the best message for most of the recipients who would have just turned 18 or even some who were under 18.

    Offense Graphics on Stubby Coolers

    In today's news there is a Police enquiry

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