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  1. Unsuitable Drinks for Promotional Glasses

    Would you have heard of Hello Kitty? She is a Japanese Anime character with the neutral expression that many kids around the world adore. Hello Kitty is a cat and basically has no facial expressions and has been around for seemingly decades now. She is unbeliveable appealing to children and has a range of merchandise from dolls to pencil cases and everything in between which have been a huge hit with children. In fact there are even exhibitions and museums devoted to her. It is with a great sigh that I have to report that Hello Kitty is now the new face for underage drinking.


    1. Avoid unsuitable drinks in promotions.
    2. Offer alcohol-free options with branding.
    3. Include custom-branded drinkware accessories.

    Misuse of Anime Merchandising?

    In Taiwan the Long Chuan Beer Company released a beer with a 2.5% alcohol content which is dressed up in a Hello Kitty can. How this

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  2. Ingredients for a Successful Publicity Recipe

    Did you know in 2011 the South Australian Government pulled a publicity stunt by sending out 55 gold fishes to marketing executives to promote tourism for that region. The gold fishes were sent with a fishbowl along with the title "Be a big fish in a small pont and come and test the water," ..... well surprise surprise the fish died on their way to these marketing executives. All of them!

    This disastrous campaign is what NOT to do if you are marketing an event or a brand name. The truth is if you are marketing something and you want to do it well, you must not only be creative but you need to have foresight and most importantly you need persistance. We at Cubic Promote have worked

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  3. Man Crazy About Balloons Attempts to Fly Across the Atlantic

    Balloons are awesome and we love them here at Cubic Promote as much as the next kid. They are bright cheerful and when you fill them up with helium all sorts of good things happen. It is nor surprise that custom printed balloons are always a best selling promotional product in Cubic Promote. It is therefore with much delight that when we read about Jonathan Trapped's attempt to fly across the Atlantic on nothing more than a bunch of balloons. We loved how he chose to use hundreds of smaller balloons instead of a couple of bit ones, it makes the whole visual effect look like something out of a kids dream. The colours are also absolutely awesome.

    Jonathan must be a huge balloon enthusiast as this is not the first time he has attempted something like this. Last in in 2012 he flew a model of a house that was in the hit cartoon "Up," by Disney.

    On the 12th of September this year he made an attempt to fly across the

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  4. National Endangered Species Day Sydney Martin Place Fund Raising Products

    A few weeks ago in Sydney Martin Place on the 7th, of September the Taronga Zoo held a public awareness day for endangered animals. It was a non for profit event aimed at raising both money and funds for animals that are in danger of being extinct. The event itself was awesome simply because the sights and sounds of the little animals that were on show was simply delightful and totally unexpected in a sea of office workers.

    Check out some of the pictures that we took.

    The one on the right at the right below is a Possum (im pretty sure the one on the left is a porcupine)

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  5. This Teen Makes Eco Promotional Items Cheaper!

    Eco promotional items are a range of products that are kind to the environment. These products are made from sustainable materials (bamboo, sugar cane, cotton are some examples). They produce low carbon emissions and some can biodegrade safely back into the earth when the product is disposed of eventually. You will definitely earn brownie points from the environment and your customers when you opt for eco branded products. However, it comes with a price, and it's kind of expensive. Not until this 16-year-old teen's discovery. So, read on!


    1. Azza's innovation makes eco products affordable.
    2. Future of eco promotional products promising.
    3. Youth involvement is crucial in environmental solutions.

    Why Eco Products Are Expensive?

    To date most environmentally friendly products

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  6. Enhance Custom Mugs With Design

    The bulk of our range of promotional products are quite affordable and most of the products that we stock are intended to be a bit on the plain side in order to make your branding logos and images stand out. Now when you are checking out our website you will encounter thousands of thousands of products. Many of these items will not catch your eye though but when you are browsing we do recommend you to imagine the products with your branding. Why? Well with a bit of your creative input you will change a simple product into something that is significantly way more cool.


    1. Enhance design for standout mugs.
    2. Top industries for mugs.
    3. Promote with branded practicality.

    Bathing Ape Mug Design Sample

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  7. Promotional Sticky Notes for a Smart Phone

    As the title suggests this is a new product that we now carry but it is sort of not a new one too! We came up with this product idea after seeing this product go on sale for $8.00. It is basically a sticky note that goes onto the back of Smartphone and acts as a jotting notepad. The original product looks like this:


    • Smartphone sticky notes provide fast and easy access to jot down notes, conserve phone battery life, and easily share information with others.
    • Custom-cut sticky notes can be tailored to fit various smartphone models, ensuring a sleek and streamlined appearance while promoting your brand.
    • Sticky notes remain a popular choice for organization, brainstorming, collaboration, and goal-setting.

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  8. 13 Top Personalised Lunch Boxes You Will Love

    Lunch time is my favourite time of the day and has been since I was a kid! If you are like me you may have been using boring old plastic rectangle ones which will struggle to make even Michelin Star meals taste any good. This is why we decided to put a STOP to boring lunch boxes once and for all and decided to begin stocking some really cool alternatives. Here are some of the best ones we have come across so far.

    Best Custom Brandable Lunch Boxes For Kids

    Lunch Boxes do not need to be plain. This tin made lunch box features extragent prints and cute motifs. School girls will go absolutely gaga over this.

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  9. Marketing Event - Vogue Fashion Night Out

    Okay folks, this event happened a week or two ago, so this show report is just a touch late so I hope you dont mind. I wanted to share this particular event with you because A) It Rocks, B) It had all the ingredients that make it very successful. If you are holding an outdoor marketing event this is the template and standard to go by.

    What is the Vogue Fashion Night Out Sydney?

    Well it is organised by Vogue of course and it basically is a gigantic shopping night out for ladies. On board along with Vogue are most of the leading brands in and around the CBD including the high profile ones like Tiffany Jewellery, Chanel, Cartier and the like as well as smaller designer brands like Bardot, Bijoux, Decjuba and 193 other retailers. Each of the shops have their own special event going on to make your shopping experience a joy. It was a great opportunity for shops to promote themselves and for customers to soak in an accelerated pleasurable shopping experience on steroids. Basically

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  10. Sony Camera Lens For Smartphones

    Sony, renowned for its innovative camera technology, has taken a leap forward in mobile photography. They recently unveiled the QX series lens-style cameras, designed specifically to accompany their range of smartphones. In a bold move, Sony has brought its expertise in developing cameras with exceptional German-branded lenses to the mobile realm. Though these lens names may be unfamiliar, they exude an air of sophistication that adds to their appeal.


    • Sony's QX series lens-style cameras combine the expertise of German-branded lenses with smartphones, redefining mobile photography.
    • The cameras offer professional-quality lenses with larger surface areas, enabling them to capture more light and produce detailed images.
    • By addressing the limitations of smartphone cameras, Sony has created an innovative solution that revolutionizes mobile photography.

    Perfect Pairing:

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