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  1. Marketing Insights: The Top Companies Who Advertise on Facebook

    I came across this statistic which may interest some of our customers, especially if you are involved in marketing. Facebook makes around $2 billion in sales every quarter of a year. In one year that would equat to a massive $8 billion. The majority in sales comes from advertising on its social network website of course, however who are the companies that advertise on Facebook? Advertising on Facebook is not common for many companies in Australia.

    Facebook does not release information on who spends money to advertise and there is no external agency that compiles the figures. It took some smart journalists from website: to combine data by interviewing staff from major companies as well as data agencies. The result? Well they came up with an approximate list of who the corporates that they think are the major advertisers. Now this list may be a bit off from the actual data itself and the order may

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  2. Spectacular Embroidered Shirts

    Funny things easily excite us here at Cubic Promote. Things such as an awesome print job or embroidery on a garment. Nothing makes us more happy than seeing thin strands of thread expertly woven onto a piece of fabric to create images. Now most of our work involves logos and text but we wanted to show you some of the amazing possibilities that can be done with embroidery.

    Embroidery by Hiroki Kubota

    A japanese lady has created some spectacular embroidered shirts which she sells online through the popular website Etsy that focuses exclusively on short run and hand made items. For those that do not know, using embroidery to brand onto fabric requires a fair amount of skill no matter if you are doing them by hand or if you have an embroidery machine. In an interview Hiroki began embroidering custom made shirts for her son. Her son soon began requesting clothes with his favourite animal cats. The results? Well see

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  3. Christmas Light Record by an Australian

    In Australia we know that each year the Christmas season truly begins not when shops start selling Christmas relate gifts and products and decorations (which this year started in early October) but when normal suburban folk start turning on huge elaborate decorated lights on their property or on their street.

    This year is no different and a few days ago a gentlman by the name od David Richards and his family broke the Guniess World Record by lighting up a total of no less than 502,165 lights. (I feel for the poor representative from Guniess that had to count them). David and his family is no stranger to this honour. Back in 2011 he decided to do the same but he only managed to decorate his house back then with 331,038 lights.

    The attempt though was not simply a vanity attempt though as he wanted to raise money for a local charity at the same time. Previously back in 2011 he managed to raise a staggering $78000 Australian dollars. The funny thing is that David decided only

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  4. Online Tasting Now Streaming Starting with a Lollipop

    Our confectionery products like lollipops and jelly beans have always been one of our top selling corporate products for expo's and events.It seems though that their days may be numbered. You see some scientists have been working on a virtual simulator to transmit taste through a computer. In other words other than downloading games, music and videos you soon may be able to download taste.

    An engineer with a Phd by the name of Nimesha Ranasinghe from the National University of Singapore has been working on a way to send electrical signals through a device which stimulates your tongue and tricks it into feeling a taste sensation. One of his first experiments? A lollypop. Now these are extremely early stages to this technology and at the moment creating taste requires you to stick a piece of metal attached to some wires into your mouth. Not exactly a must try experience yet, however the technology is truly marvelous.

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  5. Marketing Mail Out Ideas

    Looking for ideas for marketing mail outs? Check out our Top 5 bestselling mail out ideas and find out what makes them ideal for your business. From cheapest to most expensive here is our list

    1.Microfibre Cloths

    Vibrant and versatile, suitable for use on computer screens, phone screens to optical glasses and sunnies. Microfibre cloths have benefits of being full colour printed, large decoration area for messages and corporate branding. The budget option is order microfibre cloths packed in clear plastic cello bags, just for a little extra, it can be packed in pocket match box that can also be personalised as well.


    Forever popular with households, who doesn’t have a fridge that is covered in magnets? Once again, great for full colour artworks with many sizes to choose from. You can be creative and order a custom shape to stand out from the rest.

    3.Post It Notes

    A practical promotional item for at work or at home, the 25 or

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  6. Earn Your Train Ticket With Squats

    Australia has an obesity problem! Monash university has rounded up some startling statistics about the state of our waist lines in Australia. Some of the more concerning numbers include

    - Obesity as being the number one cause of premature death.
    - 14 million Aussies are overweight or obese

    At the current trend apparently in 12 years time 80% of all adults will be overweight. Very scary stuff. A solution? well maybe this marketing initative that was first seen in Moscow Russia may help. The city governments of Moscow worked with their train system tube and came up with an idea to give away free train tickets. The catch? Well you had to do squats for 30 times. Now proper squats that go all the way down and back up are not easy to do. A typical squat requires you to lift your entire body weight using the biggest muscle group in your body being your thights. The cost for a train ticket is 92 cents. So each squat essentially earns you around 3 cents worth of effort. This idea

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  7. Top 10 Product Gifts that are Cool Again

    Things go in and out of fashion all the time, I am guessing that we all know that and in saying that I am going to go out on a limb and declare that cargo pants will be the next big thing again after a decade long hiatus.  Here is a list of things that have made a come back in the past year or two that for those who are old enough will instantly recognise. Part of the reason why I think some of these things are cool again is simply because they are more fun, more tangible and in some instances they simply perform better than what is offered today despite today's advances in technology. Okay here goes:

    Top 10 Product Gifts that are Cool Again

    These 10 products will give you a lot of nostalgic value depending on how old you are. In some instances these have been in and out of fashion 2 or 3 times already.

    Slap Bands

    These were cool for a while in the 90's. All the kids had one. It came straight after those good old friendship bands (the ones where kids will

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  8. Thor: Trivia and Merch Ideas

    I saw the movie Thor over the weekend. What a fantastic movie. Absolutely loved the first one and the second one was even better. In fact I liked it so much that I even got myself a promotional bottle custom shaped like a Thor hammer. It got me thinking though, there are so many aspects about Thor that are not covered in the movie that I decided to do some research. Here are the top 5 things about Thor that I bet many of you may not have realised.


    1. Thor mythology is fascinating.
    2. Thor-themed products are popular.
    3. Promote your brand with Thor.


    Top 5 Thor Trivias

    Thor is a beloved character in both the comic book and movie universes, and there are many interesting

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  9. All About Promotional Teddy Bears

    Everyone would have had a teddy bear or a plush toy. Even the meanest people would have once had a teddy bear or a plush toy that they would have loved. A photographer called Mark Nixon decided to do an entire series of well plush toys and teddy bears that have obviously been well hugged. Judging from the photos they look like they have been well hugged for a long time. These bears in these photos would have given so much in emotional support to their owners. So these pictures are a celebration. Check them out, we thought they were pretty cool!


    1. Promote with cost-effective teddy bears.
    2. Provide emotional connections to customers.
    3. Strategically use teddy bears for versatility.


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  10. The Katy Perry Promotional Seeds

    Who would have thought that the Australian Department of Agriculture would have much in common with international pop sensation and lady of the moment Katy Perry other than perhaps having their radio on during work hours playing songs from her latest album Prism.


    • Katy Perry's latest album included promotional flower seeds, a gesture in line with her musical and style direction.
    • The Australian Department of Agriculture raised concerns due to restrictions on importing nature or food products.
    • Promotional seeds sourced from Australia were not affected, and the incident may generate additional publicity for the album.

    Well they do have something in common now. You see as album sales are dwindling record companies have been coming up with all sorts of ideas to boost CD sales. The latest effort by Katy Perry includes a small packet of promotional flower seeds. A very sweet gesture

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