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  1. Business Travel Tips & Handy Promotional items

    Whether if you are a frequent business traveler or only on occasions that you need to be away from your office it makes sense to pack light and to be really efficient at organising your belongings and your trip. Why? Well on many levels it will benefit you to travel light. By traveling light you do not carry as much around and that will definitely lower your stress levels too. Not losing items is also a side benefit. When you are on your business trip by dispensing with frivolous items and sticking with essential basics you will definitely have more focus on your business mission as opposed to the logistics side of things.


    1. Pack smart, travel light.
    2. Promote your brand with useful merchandise.
    3. Make business travel stress-free.

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  2. DIY With Custom Branded Tennis Balls

    The Australian Open Tennis is in full swing and Federer is looking in great form to take out the competition this year. In celebration of the Australian Open we thought we take a closer look at the humble tennis ball. As a product the Tennis ball has seem to have undergone almost no changes over the years. The shape and bounce has stayed true to the original design and the fluro colour are as unique as can be.

    Personalized tennis balls have always been one of our best selling products and we know for a fact that they are rarely used for gameplay. Some of the most popular uses for them include:
    1) As a ball for pets .... lots of doggy related businesses use tennis balls for dogs
    2) Schools use them to hand out to students for Handball
    3) Corporates use them as interesting substitutes for stressballs
    4) Event organisers use them to promote the game of tennis

    Tennis Balls as Holders Around The House

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  3. Customised Valentines Day Gifts

    Valentines day is coming sooner than you think. For those who do not know (or like me, choose to forget) it is February the 14th. Now we all know what Valentines day is of course in its modern context being a day for couples. However Valentines day is also a terrific opportunity for organisations like charities, not for profits, corporates and organisations to latch onto and use it as a great opportunity to advertise and market themselves. Does this sound a bit cynical? I certainly do not think so. Using Valentines day when most people are in high spirits are a perfect opportunity to show that your organisation also cares. If you are a charity wanting to raise funds for a cause then this is all the more better.


    1. Personalisation creates emotional connections.
    2. Choose sustainable options.
    3. Custom branded gifts enhance brand recall.

    Valentines Day Corporate Gift Ideas


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  4. Amazing Cadbury Promotional Jacket

    If you are a Chocolate company and are famous worldwide for producing a yummy product what do you do when you want to get some positive marketing attention and some great PR at the same time? Well in England as part of their latest marketing campaign called "Joyville," Cadbury has teamed up with a technology firm Hirsch & Mann along with a PR company called Golin Harris to create personalised jackets.


    1. Experiential marketing engages customers creatively.
    2. Interactive clothing creates immersive experiences.
    3. Brand differentiation increases customer loyalty.

    Cadbury Custom Jacket

    Say What? A Jacket? Yes, but not any ordinary jacket. This jacket will do all sorts of weird and wonderful things if the wearer is eating either a Cadbury Daim bar or a Cadbury Oreo bar. (sadly I do not

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  5. Modern Day Desk Top Accessories

    Looking around your Desk what do you see?  Let me guess, you most likely have a large screen monitor (22inch perhaps), a keyboard, mouse, a stained mug or two, couple pens, highlighters stapler, post it notes or sticky flags and document tray with lot of paper work?  And of course let’s not forget, you probably have a smart phone with a blinking red light right?

    Modern Designer Created Desk Top Accessories

    What might others be using? For designer style, these may be of interest! From top left to right.

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  6. This is How to Nail Your Corporate Identity

    As individuals, we dress, style, act and respond a certain way, which all contributes to our individualism and identity.  Some of us go a step further and have a professional stylist to assist. The rest of us just buy what we like to.  Before birth our parents would have search high and low for the right name and meaning in hope that name will help define us from baby, child, teenager to adult.

    Being a business is no different.  Each business needs a name, logo to identify itself from its competitors and standard out from the crowd. We came across an article showcasing Rezidenca, a real estate agency from Kosovo, whom had chosen Erdis Driza (Freelance graphic designer) and Mandeta Agency to create a corporate identity for them.  This resulted in visually stunning designed logo and colours that is both stylish and modern, a new website that is coming soon, site suitable for both pc and tablets and smart devices. A communication design package, and an extensive

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  7. The Smart Promotional Shirt

    Promotional apparel has long been a popular choice for promotional products. T-shirts and polo shirts, in particular, are widely used to promote brands, events, and causes. In recent years, advancements in fabric technology have brought about exciting changes in the world of promotional apparel. One such innovation is Smart Fabric, a revolutionary material that incorporates electronic sensors woven throughout the fabric. This article explores the concept of Smart Fabric, its applications in promotional apparel, and the various industries that can benefit from this cutting-edge technology.


    1. Revolutionise promotional apparel with Smart Fabric.
    2. Enhance brand differentiation and utility.
    3. Industries like healthcare and fashion benefit.


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  8. Post It ® Notes: The Versatile Marketing Product

    Post it notes or sticky notes are simply the most versatile product that we carry in our range. The main advantage is that more than any other item you can get a huge amount of quantity for your event to ensure that every participant has something to take away for a very low price. There are also many many advantages too including:

    1) Easy to carry and Transport
    2) Consistently Excellent Print Results3) Never disposed of (except when used of course)
    4) Can be produced and delivered very quickly

    They are also very flexible when ordering as well as you can purchase slim packs with merely 50 pages per pad if your budget is tight or up to hundreds of pages.

    Branding Flexibility

    When it comes to branding your logo onto Post It ® Notes there is close to no other product that can compare. After all you have an entire blank surface to work with where you have options such as:

    A) single colour prints
    B) full Colour digital prints
    C) watermark

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  9. Ever Wondered Why We Blow Candles to Celebrate?

    Anniversaries and milestones for birthdays or for celebrations typically call for a get together party and more often than not the blowing of  flame on top of a candle. Ever wondered why we as humans do this? The blowing of a candle is done by seemingly all cultures and religions. However how did this all start? Why puff out a breath of air to blow out a flame that we just lit? The concept of placing a candle on the cake makes perfect sense of course, I mean who does not like eating cake?

    smarties birthday cake

    History of Candles

    Much like the debate on who invented the Sandwich, there is a lot of confusion as to when it actually all began. There are 3 popular theories though.

    Theory 1:

    Many though believed it started in Ancient

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  10. Top 5 Product Ideas To Raise Money for Charity

    Happy New Year! I thought a good start for any year would be to give generously to charities to people in need. There are many worthwhile causes to donate both time and money to. Are you involved in running a charity in anyway shape or form and need ideas on how to position yourself in 2014 to achieve maximum exposure to the general public to draw awareness to your cause and most importantly how to raise a lot of money so that you can able to make a difference? Well merchandise is one way to go about raising money of course. Lots and lots of charities and companies use them, some with great results whilst other efforts are a bit of a waste in both money and time. I have selected 5 products that I rekon are a great idea in money raising for charity events. These products are fantastic because they satisfy the 2 main criterias in getting charity merchandise stock selling well and in the process getting your cause a lot of money.

    2 Key Criterias for Appealing Charity Merchandise

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