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  1. April Fools Day With Custom Stationery

    Today with great joy marks the end of March. Being the very last day of March may only mean the most joyful day of the year. That is of course April 1st or as we all know, April Fools Day! So with that in mind I have some great ideas for making pranks directed at your work mates or class mates. The cool thing about these pranks is that they simply use every day stationery and accessories that you will find everywhere. Not only that but because these pranks are done on "essential," items will mean that the prank will be all the more effective. Okay here goes:

    April Fools Day Prank With Bottled Water (or waters)

    This is a nice little easy one that can have maximum prank results. Simply take a bottled of water. Take the cap off and quickly turn it over onto someones desk. The result is obvious of course for the poor recipient of this prank.

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  2. Colours Influence Brand Perception

    Colours influence the way people perceive products. In some instances a mere colour on a packaging can automatically associate flavours to a bag of chips. Obvious ones include:

    - Blue for Salt
    - Green for Chicken
    - Purple for Salt & Vinegar
    - Yellow for Cheese

    There are literally millions of dollars spent in analyzing what colours work best in influencing how we consume products and how we perceive certain brands. So I am letting you in on a little marketing secret on some of the established results on how certain colours are perceived and what they mean. Let's discuss more on this post.


    1. Understand psychological effects of colours.
    2. Apply colours conscientiously in promotion.
    3. Maintain consistency for strong branding.

    Colours & Their Influence


    The colour red is associated with blood and fire. Loosely speaking it conveys

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  3. Promotional Advertising With Physical Products

    It is no secret that reaching the audience that you would like with your advertising is getting harder and harder. The amount of innovation, effort and the sheer amount of saturation in advertising for a product or service has been increasing and it has gone to a point where if your advertising is not smart, witty or emotive then your message gets lost in a sea of other advertising.

    Increasingly many advertising agencies are turning to ambient advertising. This means that instead of merely stating a product or a service via a photo along with some text, these advertisements take things one step further and integrate physical objects and the visual space directly around them into the message. The result? Some truly amazing smart advertisements that draw attention to them in a way that ordinarily would not. Here are some of the best examples of this type of advertising that we have seen.

    IBM campaign which includes the caption "smart ideas for smart cities,"

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  4. Corporate Branding Logos Fun Facts

    For those who work in design, marketing or for people like us we know how powerful logos can be when it comes to marketing a product or service. A lot of powerful emotions and imagery can be conveyed with the right colours, the right shapes and the right proportions when it comes to logo designs. We thought we visit a few fun facts about some well known logos which you will be very familiar with. Check them out here:

    Top 10 Most Valuable Logos In the World

    1) Apple
    2) Microsoft
    3) Coca Cola
    4) IBM
    5) Google
    6) McDonald's
    7) GE
    8) Intel

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  5. Corporate Branding for Small Businesses

    When you here the words Corporate Branding and identity, chances are the first thing that may come to your mind is big companies like Coca Cola or Facebook doing all sorts of fancy and creative things and in the process using buzzwords like "focus sessions, emotive response," The words corporate branding definitely is not something you may associate with a small business. However if you are a small business do not let the term Corporate Branding Identity sway you from creating an image that represents what you do and an emotive feeling that you wish to convey to both your customers and suppliers. People do make a snap second judgement of you and your small business when they see you. Therefore make that quick second of judgement one that is favourable and one that you wish to convey. From small boutique law firms, to your local pizza parlour and even a small Barber shop there are ways in which to make your business convey a message that tells about your business. The Back Alley Barbershop

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  6. Customised Glassware Makes Coke Taste Better

    Like most people I like Cola a lot! It is sweet fizzy and has everything that I love in a beverage. However unlike most people I am a bit of a snob when it comes to choosing how I drink it. Perhaps it is psychological or perhaps it is something scientific, however I am absolutely sure that Coke tastes better out of a glass cup or a glass bottle.

    Custom Glassware Designed Just for Coke

    I am apparently not alone though in this thought. A wine glass maker by the name of Riedel has done precisely just that. They worked on a project in conjunction with Coca-Cola and analysed the flavours in a typical Coca-Cola to develop a glass that is tailor made for the beverage and enhances every single bit of flavour in a typical Coke. So how does it work? Well according to the CEO of Riedel the glass starts by:

    - Enhancing the aromas if lemon, ctirus, lime and malt.
    - Enhance the feel of the bubbles
    - & to top it off the glass has been designed to "ochestrate the sweetness

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  7. The 4 Most Stylish Umbrellas For Any Occassion

    It is a rainy Autumn month coming up. You love the rain, however this month is special as you have some amazing calendar dates and events lined up. Firstly you have that hot date in a week's time, on top of that you have that delightful cocktail evening party to attend at one of the best locations in town. To top it off you also have a job interview where you really need to dress to impress.

    With all these important events to attend you know that you have to look your best. However have you considered that despite your best sartorial efforts, that your dreary little umbrella might be letting you and your outfit down? All umbrellas are not created equal. Some are more practical than others whilst others simply ooze style! They all work and achieve the same result (ie obviously keeping you dry), however some of the little details really make certain umbrellas stand out more than others.

    Well we have taken the 4 best looking umbrellas available to-date and here are a run down

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  8. Green Promotional Items on St. Patricks Day

    Today is St. Patrick's Day. Although in Australia and possibly in most parts of the world, there would have been huge celebrations (i.e. Drinking) done all around the world yesterday on the weekend. In Sydney, there was a huge parade that took up our main strip in celebration. For our part, we released green promotional lollipops in celebration. However, this has got me thinking. What is the history behind St. Patricks Day, and why does everything need to be green?


    1. Understand the history of St. Patrick's Day.
    2. Embrace the significance of green.
    3. Utilise green promotional items creatively.

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  9. Essential Promotional Items for Sales Team

    Do you or your organisation have a group of sales people that are constantly out and about and on the road often? Well it is about time that you (and them) get re-warded. Afterall being on the road so often and meeting up with clients is definitely very hard work. Make the job of a sales person a lot easier (and a lot professional too) by giving them tools and products that will make life easier for them. We decided to brain storm and came up with some ideas that we think are absolutely perfect.

    1. Reward salespeople with functional items.
    2. Leave behind branded gifts for clients.
    3. Create a professional image with customised apparel.


    Essential Products for Road Warriors

    The two important things for choosing products

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  10. Consistency: Key To Corporate Identity

    Picture this - a business owner sits in their office, looking at their desk full of promotional items they’ve purchased. There are branded pens, tote bags, stress balls and even some custom USB sticks. But despite all the investment into these items, there is still that nagging feeling that something is missing. The problem? The lack of consistency in branding across each item. But how can you make sure your corporate or brand identity shines through on every item? Read on to learn how.

    1. Keep branding simple and consistent.
    2. Quality over quantity for longevity.
    3. Know your target audience well.



    Keep it Simple

    With the fast-paced nature of

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