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  1. Playful Twist on Promotional Items

    When you think of promotional products, you tend to think of pens, caps and stress balls. There are however clever ways to promote your business with fun; loads of fun. The range of funky products available to brand and customize is fantastic and are guaranteed to entertain. Let’s take a look at what’s on offer and how you can put an element of fun into your next corporate giveaway.


    1. Choose entertaining products strategically.
    2. Make your branding creative and unique.
    3. Consider personalisation and eco-friendly options.

    Entertaining Promotional Product Ideas

    Business Promoted Through Outdoor Activities

    Christmas parties, corporate BBQs and social days with the family are time to shake off an element of seriousness and enjoy a bit of downtime. If you are looking for something unique to share with your corporate guests consider something fun to enjoy in the outdoors.

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  2. Customised Mugs 8 Must See Designs

    As strange as it may sound, I am a bit of a mug fan. Most mugs tend to be the most boring products known to mankind. Which is why most people immediately head for the cheapest free mug that they can lay their hands on. However these custom mugs are a bit special. Actually they are more than a bit special. They are utterly spectacular. Check them out below:

    Top 8 Most Creative Mugs Ever Made

    This mug is what I like to call comfort food. Milk and chocolate chip cookies presented in a blue mug in the theme of "Cookie Monster,"

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  3. How To Read a Bezel on a Divers Watch

    Watches of all shapes and sizes from magnificent Swiss Time Pieces through to Promotional Watches branded with corporate logo's feature a rotating Bezel. The most classiest (and sometimes the most expensive watches) feature a rotating bezel around the watch face. Many people though do not know what the bezel is for, much less how to use it.

    How To Read Dive Watch Bezels

    On both mens and womens watches the most common type of Bezels are ones that are dedicated to being dive watches. The bezel has markers that indicate from 0 through

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  4. Race Car Themed Promotional Items

    Not many events can quite bring out the excitement like a racing car event. With the V8 Bathurst weekend just a week or two away we thought we check out some of the top racing car themed promotional items out there. These products will be perfect for any rev head, car enthusiast or if you are like me simply because I appreciate the ability to commute from Point A to Point B not necessarily in the fastest time but in luxury and comfort. With that in mind check it out here.


    1. Promotional items enhance brand visibility.
    2. Creative design upgrades customer experience.
    3. Retro and eco-friendly items impress.

    9 Top Automotive Promotional Items

    1) Torch with neodymium magnets on the end to allow it to attach onto the side of a car as a safety device.

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  5. How a Printed Paper Piece is $10m

    This stamp is worth almost $10 million. We know a thing or two about printing and for a long time we have known that the value and desirability of a product is not necessarily the product itself, but what the print that goes onto it means and what it looks like. This partly explains how this stamp which has long been revered as the holy grail for stamp collectors has just been sold for a staggering $9.48 million American dollars.


    • The British Guiana One Cent Magenta Stamp is renowned for being one of the most valuable stamps in history.
    • Its extreme rarity, originating from a shortage of stamps in 1856 British Guiana.
    • The stamp's history has further added to its mystique and record-breaking sale price of $9.48 million.

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  6. Snubbed Customers Buy More at Luxury Stores

    Here is an interesting piece of reverse psychology for you. Apparently consumers who get really bad service when at a store that sells luxury products, are more inclined to spend more money. Weird right? I would have thought if you get really bad service, then the natural instinct would be to get out of there in a hurry. However us humans are a complex lot and that this almost never happens.

    A study done by a Professor Darren Dahl from the Sauder School of Business in Vancouver along with Morgan Ward a professor of marketing at Southern Methodist University showed that rude staff with bad service actually encouraged customers to spend more money.

    Why Does Bad Service In Luxury Stores Lead to more Sales?

    The theory seems to indicate that people do not like bad service, obvious of course, however when faced with bad service, people actually want to prove that they are worthy of a luxury product. As a way of protest or merely to prove a point the consumer will then

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  7. Corporate Identity Merchandise Example

    Check out this range of promotional merchandise used to promote a London based design studio. The entire collection is extremely interesting due in part to the diverse nature of the products as well as an extremely witty play on the word "ME,"

    Branded Products with Wit!

    The first thing you will notice when you first see these products is that everything revolves around the word "Me," As it happens Me is the name of the joint owners of the company (Mirco and Eva). Using this as a starting point all the merchandise then use a play on the words to create extremely clever and witty products. Just check them out here:

    By using the word ME the branding not only gets a lot of visibility but also an immediate emotional link with the recipient of the product. Extremely clever example of branding!

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  8. Stickers Earning Millions in a Month

    Promotional stickers? You would be correct to think that they are boring and that there is not much to be excited about. In a way you are right. However this did not stop the App maker of the title "Line," from selling 1.5 million dollars worth of stickers in a single month alone. The App maker launched a little side project that allowed people from around the globe to custom design stickers and then sell their designs through their App.


    1. Custom printed stickers generate revenue.
    2. Stickers increase brand awareness.
    3. Design stickers that stand out.



    Line App & Custom Stickers?

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  9. The Personalised Mug with a Hoop

    Marshmallow slam dunk! 8 year old genius Max, from Massachusetts, has taken the concept of fun meals to a whole other level. With 'The Mug with a Hoop' anyone can enjoy slamming down those marshmallows into a nice hot ‘choky’, or even throwing your croutons  in your soup Michael Jordan style.  Whatever your preference may be, this oversized basketball-shaped mug with a mini basketball net will be the end to dull boring meals.


    • The Mug with a Hoop is a unique and entertaining way to enjoy meals, turning them into a fun activity that can brighten up your day.
    • Stylish mugs like this one offer personal expression, make great gifts, promote brands, and serve as conversation starters.
    • The Mug with a Hoop encourages playful interaction with food, breaking the monotony of everyday routines.
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  10. More Amazing Promotional Packaging

    More amazing packaging designs. This is part 2 on our visual treat on some of the coolest and most outrageous packaging designs from around the world. If you think that packaging will not change your perception of a product then one look at this examples and you will surely think otherwise. In case you missed our previous Part 1 Post on some really creative promotional packaging then you should check it out now. If you want more out of promotional empty gift boxes, check this out!


    1. Eco-packaging promotes sustainability.
    2. Personalisation deepens customer bonds.
    3. Creativity packaging boosts product’s appeal.

    Unique Customised Boxes

    Fancy a cupcake? Then how about one straight from the oven so that it is nice, fresh and hot.

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