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  1. Custom Lipbalms in Soda Flavours

    Is it me? or does Sydney seem like it is experiencing a drier than normal season this year? I cannot believe how dry it has been this year. Which brings me to the blog of the day topic! Lip balm. Specifically lip balm flavours. These awesome lip balms products that we came across are in the flavour and bottle of a your favourite soft drink.

    Amazing Lip balm Flavours

    These lip balms come in some delightful flavours including: Wild Cherry Pepsi | Mountain Dew and Mountain Dew Code Red (Im sure this has not been released in Australia). Not only are these balms in some wickedly fun flavours but they also come delivered in a replica mini bottle complete with the labels to really make the experience authentic.

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  2. Promotional Power Bank Safety

    Power bank batteries are one of the hottest consumer product at the moment right behind Smartphones and Tablets of course. As most people already know, virtually all new Phone and Tablet devices do not have a user replaceable battery. You simply do not have an option to carry another battery around, this is where a Power Bank External battery comes in.


    1. Ensure power bank safety.
    2. Targeted distribution for maximum impact.
    3. Collaborate and incentivize for promotion.

    What is a Power Bank 

    It is a battery with standard USB connectors which can charge high power drain Smart devices when you are not near a power point.


    In the past month

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  3. Cool Custom Items: Defined

    For that matter, what makes any given product considered cool whilst others are not? All too often (almost on a daily basis) we get asked for ideas on products and ideas that are cool. So what makes any given item a cool tag? Well I did some investigating and decided to find out.


    1. Cool products are a little out of the ordinary.
    2. Choose products that resonate with your audience.
    3. Keep up with the latest trends.


    Scientific Way of Determining Cool

    According to Eric Jaffe, he cited that behavioral scientists have isolated 3 socially determined traits that makes people declare something as cool. Specifically they are:

    1. Being cool depends on your social environment. So technically what is cool to some cultures will not be cool to others.
    2. Cool can be relative to other things. If you are in Target, one shirt may be cooler than another.
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  4. Awesome Sticky Notes Left on Trains By Cartoonist

    These sticky notes have been left on trains each morning for a lucky commuter to pick up and keep. They are hand drawn sticky notes by a gentleman called October Jones who happens to be a cartoonist. He doodles these sticky notes and creates awesome motivational pictures that also feature a cute fat cat. When you see these images, I am sure you will laugh as hard as I just did.

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  5. Neymar Custom Masks - For the Love of Football

    As you all may have known by now, Brazil has been knocked out of the world cup 2014 in a dramatic way. Many feel that the huge deficit loss was due to the fact that their star player Neymar was injured in a previous game with an awful injury sustained to his back. What you may not (or may not) have noticed is that around the stadium when they played Germany were thousands of custom masks with Neymar's image.

    This is what the Neymar masks look like and this is what the star player himself typically looks like.

    Why Create a Neymar Mask?

    The rational behind these custom masks was born by several leading advertising

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  6. 5 Fun Kitchen Items

    While everyone loves natty and expressive products for their kitchens, how many of them are practical enough to become daily use items? Here are some super fun promotional items for your kitchen that don’t just look the part!

    • Fun and practical promotional kitchen items combine aesthetics with functionality for daily use.
    • High-quality kitchen items are essential for durability, performance, food safety, ease of use, aesthetics, consistency, etc.
    • Investing in premium kitchen items contributes to a healthier, more enjoyable, and efficient culinary journey.

    The Bin 8 seems like nothing more than an elegantly coloured bottle, but inside

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  7. 7 Spectacular Customised Coasters

    While we often seek functional, statement designs in our branded mugs and glassware, we don’t tend to devote the same amount of thought to the humble coasters that get tucked beneath them. These eye-catching coasters prove that by combining functionality with unforgettable visuals, even the simplest product can become a statement piece.

    7 Striking Coasters We'd Love To Use

    These coasters are the perfect accent for those of us who enjoy a delicious hot chocolate during the colder months. Plus unlike real chocolate, these babies don’t melt!

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  8. History of Wrigleys Gum. A Tip on Item?

    While it might sound hard to believe, the founder of the famous Wrigley company didn’t start out selling the gum that would turn his business into an industry giant. In fact, when William Wrigley Jr. started the Wrigley Company his product of choice was soap! Part of what makes the evolution of the Wrigleys brand still fascinating today is how their promotional food products went from bonus goods to industry trailblazers in a matter of short years.

    Wrigley Jr. got his first taste of salesmanship as a boy, vending soap produced by his father on the streets of Philadelphia. By the time he reached adulthood in 1891, William was a savvy salesman who knew how to get -and keep- a customer's attention.

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