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  1. 7 Year Old Redesigns Bottle Labels

    This labeling done for a particular label of bottled sauce was so bad that this 7 year old boy decided that he can do a better job. The result? The maker of the sauce agreed, so this young boy, decided to take his full set of crayons to design something better. Now, his design is in supermarkets around England, Ireland and soon, maybe even Australia. For those who do not know, England has this fascination for a product that is called a Brown Sauce. It is a sauce that is made from tomatoes, molasses and a variety of exotic fruits and spices. It is basically tomato sauce but spiced up! Despite the name, it really is quite tasty as I have tried it before.


    1. Simplicity in design captivates consumers.
    2. Child-created designs boost brand engagement.
    3. Creativity flourishes at any age.


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  2. Unintentional Offense: Zara's Shirt Designs

    It is finally available. Mobile smartphones that have a curved surface. We are always interested in new technologies because it is our job to come up with really cool promotional phone cases that keep up to date with the latest handsets.

    1. LG curved phones are flexible and durable.
    2. Curved screen phones have advantages.
    3. Custom branded phone cases increase exposure.

    This particular model by LG is the most interesting design we have seen in a long long time. Even compared with the Apple 5s device this LG model is something special. Why? Well for starters it is not only curved but it is also flexible. This would render most cases and covers obsolete, unless they can flex with the phone. There are also many other aspects of this phone that makes it totally unique. Allow me

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  3. A Modern Promotional Item Branding Look

    This corporate branding effort is one that I like a lot. The project was done for an advertising agency which specializes in communication, branding and creating advertising campaign. The basic colours which immediately attract attention is white and vibrant hues of navy and royal blue. The total result is unmistakeably modern and extremely exciting. The colours simply scream out a company that is both modern and cutting edge. The use of clean and sharp colours are simply awesome.


    • Brand recognition is boosted when customers and prospects receive promotional products imprinted with a company's logo.
    • Promotional products foster customer engagement, leading to improved brand loyalty.
    • This marketing strategy is cost-effective compared to other forms of advertising.


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  4. Unique Mugs for Game of Thrones

    The Game of Thrones epic  is attracting legions of fans. As with all science fiction shows that reach a certain popularity there are always going to be really cool merchandise. The current Game of Thrones products is still quite small compared with established franchises (read Star Wars, Star Trek & Others).

    Custom Mugs

    This custom mug is quite unique, even for someone like me, who comes across new products each day. This mug features the iconic and chilling message that "Winter is Coming," If you use this mug for your tea or coffee, by the time you are half way through you will be presented with an angry image of a Wolf. (if you are a fan then you will know how symbolic this is)

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  5. Movie Inspired Custom Merchandise

    Everyone loves a great movie. A good movie makes you feel all good, inspired and thoroughly entertained. Movies will also inspire fanatics who will go to great lengths to keep the feeling alive through custom merchandise. Here are the top movie inspired custom merchandise that we have come across lately, both at the movies and online. Some of these products are really best for hardcore fans and best left at home where no-one can see though.

    Top Movie Product Countdown

    • Marshmallow Man - Marshmallows

    These are Marshmallows from everyone's favourite movie baddie, "The Marshmallow Man," At the moment these are released only as limited edition products and it is quite hard to find these. The packaging and the concept looks awesome and casual fans of the movie will definitely find something to love about this cheeky confectionery.

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  6. Custom Lunch Boxes For Adults

    Like many people I bring my lunch in to work each day. It has got nothing to do with saving a few dollars (although that certainly helps too), but more the fact that lunch choices are increasingly becoming very boring. My leftovers from dinner is actually far superior to many take away food vendors around me. So I am pleased to share with you some of the top custom lunch boxes which I have ever seen.

    These lunch boxes are not for kids but are for discerning adults who fancy a bit of style, convenience and above all, value their food fresh. Okay, here goes the list.

    Custom Lunch Boxes for a Gourmet Meal

    This one is just a sandwich bag but, the colours on the leather grains are just so classic that I needed to show this one to you.

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  7. Natural Warm Promotional Items

    We came across this effort at creating a branding identity for a young team of Russian architects which we thought was rather cool and quite impressive. Using products and branding that goes back in time to a bygone era, the visual image is natural, warm and very inviting.

    Products made from natural materials with natural colours make up the majority of the merchandise here. Where possible products made from modern materials of plastic and metals were avoided.

    The Branding Effort

    The branding was created by a designer called Pavel Emelyanov. The logo consists of the first name of each of each partner of the firm which is called KYD Buro. The logo and merchandise is supposed to capture the key identity of the company which is: Unity, Logic, Simplicity and flexibility

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  8. Get The Branded Look - For Less

    Have you ever looked at some gorgeous promotional items produced for market leaders and envisaged doing the same for your organisation? More often than not you're working with a strict budget that won't stretch to cover deluxe leather products or expensive custom bags. That's where we come in. There's actually more than one way to achieve a stylish, consistent branded look on a budget and we're here to explain how it can be done!

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  9. Focus on Eco Friendly Promo Goods

    We are Australia's favourite vendor for promotional items. With all sorts of amazing products that are custom branded with your logo. When you choose to purchase from us you will be assured that you will get:

    - The very Best Price
    - Access to the very Best Range
    - Award winning friendly Aussie service.

    You will love our products!

    Eco Friendly Products are very Popular

    Our eco friendly promotional merchandise range has recently expanded to include an even larger assortment of elegantly designed, naturally appealing products.


    Why Eco Friendly Products?


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  10. Ideal Summer Promo Items

    When packing for a day out on the beach you want to have access to all the essentials and the nice to have products right? Well to save you time we decided to compile a tick list of products that we think you need to have in order to really enjoy your day out. Before I get started on the list though I need to begin by saying that I am typing this with a severe flu, in the middle of a Sydney Winter and at work! However, my heart is firmly set on a warm summer holiday, which is where the inspiration for this list is coming from.


    1. Choose practical and useful items.
    2. Consider sustainability for eco-friendliness.
    3. Increase brand reputation and value.


    Summer Essentials: What to

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