Monthly Archives: September 2014

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  1. Instant Credibility by Collaborating With Other Brands

    The easiest way to achieve a desired perception by your customer is to create custom products in conjunction with them. In other words, aligning your brand with the cool kid in town. The coolness of that kid will rub off on your brand and you will get a very positive brand image.

    The hard part of course is convincing the brand leader in your desired category to agree to work with you. If they do though, the results can be quite spectacular. Take for example Lego, Ferrari & Shell teamed up and created these amazing unique toys that are only available through petrol stations in Singapore & Hong Kong.

    Shell Lego & Ferrari Team Up & Created a Spectacular Marketing Collectible Item

    Working together, Lego, Ferrari and petrol giant Shell decided to launch these desirable little promotional toys. It features the following iconic cars:
    - Ferrari F138
    - Ferrari

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  2. Iphone Photo Comparison 1 Through 6

    The quality of photographs taken with the Iphone has got to be one of the biggest selling points for most people when they are considering purchasing the Iphone. This short blog, once again is not an opinion piece on the new Iphone 6 but a factual comparison on the quality of photos taken using the original first Iphone compared to the current Iphone 6.

    Due to the popularity of my previous blog article on the ergonomics of the Iphone 6 and why a stylus would be a good idea for the larger Iphone 6 plus this has encouraged me to do a follow up post. This time on photographs.

    Photograph Quality Comparison

    In order from left to right, photos taken with the Iphone 1 through to the Iphone 6. They are arranged sided by side for easy comparison. the images taken below are photos taken sequentially at the same subject, from the same angle and at almost the

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  3. Fine Example Stylish Promotional Products

    Injecting a bit of style into your corporate branding image can be a costly affair in purchasing the very best premium promotional items. Alternatively you can make yourself look really sharp by simply having designs that are amazingly unique. Here is a fine example of a company that has decided to give its range of promotional merchandise and corporate branding a big injection of style by simply having images and graphics that are amazing.

    Artwork to Create Style

    This particular effort was for a company called "The newtons Laboratory," everything to do with the graphics, the fonts and the classic imagery are simply lovely. In fact of all the logos and graphics I have ever seen, these classic images are

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  4. 5 Fun Custom Mugs We Saw Today

    Although September is drawing to a close and the temperature here in Australia is definitely warming up, the demand for hot drinks hasn't dissipated. That's the great thing about coffee and tea, we enjoy them all year 'round regardless of the weather outside. Because I like my morning caffeine boost, I'm always on the lookout for interesting new custom mugs. Here are some of the most eye-catching custom printed mugs I've spotted today.

    Custom Ninja Mug

    This ninja mug has a simple, memorable

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  5. Loyalty Gifts that are a Bad Idea

    This little free offer by a Pizza Hut Franchisee in Melbourne Australia has raised an eyebrow or two. A Pizza hut branch in Mt Waverley decided that it needed a boost in sales so it decided to offer a deal which included 1 free small animal to customers who bought 10 pizzas.

    Free Gift Offer With every 10 Pizzas

    The Pizza Hut Franchise located in Mt Waverley decided to do something dramatically different to most normal special promotions. In conjunction with a local pet store, it offered a free small pet with every 10th pizza that a customer purchases. Now I can only assume that the definition of a small pet would be either a hamster or a guinea pig. As you can appreciate many people were outraged by this idea.

    Personally speaking I would have been happy with just a free can of coke with every 10 pizzas purchased, or better still just a little freebie promotional keyring

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  6. Everyday Design Influences

    Upon learning that acclaimed designer Marc Newson has joined forces with Apple, we got to thinking about the extent to which leading designers influence our everyday lives. After all, from morning through till evening, the products we interact with have been designed by someone. The better designed the promotional giveaway, the more productive and memorable our interaction with it is. Good design can not only make or break your commercial merchandising success, but it can extend your brand's influence and style in ways you might not have even imagined.


    • Prioritize good design in promotional products to create a positive first impression and increase brand recognition.
    • Focus on usability and ergonomics for a better user experience, ultimately leading to long-lasting brand loyalty.
    • Encourage word-of-mouth marketing through impressive
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  7. Super Hero Branded Coins

    I came across the beautiful Superman branded coins. These coins are real coins produced by the Canadian Mint. Originally a complete Superman set was produced last year to celebrate the caped crusader's 75th anniversary. This year they have released more of the same thing and the results are absolutely spectacular.

    Superman Coins from the Canadian Mint

    The interesting thing about these coins is that they are a perfect example of how a well placed design or graphic can increase the price of a product. In these examples the increase in price is quite dramatic. A $10 coin for example is worth $10. With a Superman graphic, they then sell for $70, which in my mind is still great value, considering these are limited edition coins which look fabulous.

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  8. Anything is Possible: Custom Merchandise

    It's amazing how far power banks have evolved in such a short period of time. Now their style and format is limited only by your imagination! Case in point, Charlie the ChargeBear. This adorable plush keychain is also a fully functional custom power bank for your mobile devices.

    Simply utilise the USB charging key located in Charlie's back to give your mobile phone or tablet a much needed power boost.  Charlie can also be customised so his outfit reflects your Chinese

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  9. 5 Awesome Umbrellas We Saw Today

    It has not stopped raining for what seems like an entire month of August this year and it is really giving me the blues. Normally I love the rain, but this is too much. To make the most of out of a rainy day these umbrellas may do the trick to give you just a little cheer and a little bit of sunshine. The designs of these lovely umbrellas are beautiful.

    This wonderfully printed umbrella is transparent and covered with bright lime green leaves which will cast a beautiful shadow to anyone underneath it. It is called the Komorebigasa Tree Shadow Umbrella.

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  10. A Custom Cardboard Desk Item for Schools

    A sheet of cardboard does not mean much to most people. To many it is simply one more thing that needs to be thrown out or recycled. In India though a sheet of cardboard can mean much more. The simple act of sitting behind a desk to work and study is not something we think about, but in India many school children do not have access to something as basic as that. Many simply sit on the floor which often leads to poor eyesight, bad posture and bad handwriting.

    The Solution? Custom Made Desks

    A non for profit organization ( decided to do something about it. Having a desk after all will help children study and learn. They thought about the issue and in collaboration with designers came up with a desk that is made from a sheet of cardboard that was sourced from recycled and discarded

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