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  1. History of the NBA Logo

    I love all Aussie Sports, however I have an undeniable passion for American basketball. Specifically the NBA. Ever wondered how the iconic NBA logo ever came about? After all this simple little logo generates close to $3 billion in global revenue each year in official licensed products and I am sure a whole lot more when you consider other avenues of revenue from T.V through to unauthourised products.

    NBA Imitated the MBL (Baseball Logo)

    Back in 1969 there were two dominant leagues for basketball in America. The NBA and the ABA (American Basketball Association). The Commissioner of the NBA decided that some radical marketing was needed. Using baseball as inspiration Commissioner J. Walter Kennedy used the iconic baseball silhouette against a red and blue background of the Major

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  2. Unique Promotional Tea Bags

    Tea is a daily ritual to millions of people the world over. As a promotional item, promotional tea bags are extremely popular for health and lifestyle tradeshows as well as for gifts in a variety of industries. There's just something about a uniquely crafted tea bag that speaks volumes to recipients whether you give them away as party favours or simply as corporate Christmas gifts! That's why today we decided to check out 6 unique promotional tea bags that have caught our eye over recent weeks.


    1. Unique tea bags grab attention.
    2. Benefits of using promotional tea bags.
    3. Choose quality, packaging, and eco-friendliness.

    Customised Tea Bags and Packaging

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  3. Top 5 Custom Luxury iPhones

    The current trend amongst wealthy iPhone users is extreme customisation. After all, who wants just a standard iPhone when you can make yours something extraordinary? That's where promotional phone cases come in. We've look at some of the most popular high end iPhone cases and picked out our favourite five!


    • Wealthy iPhone users are embracing extreme customisation with opulent custom branded cases that elevate their devices to extraordinary levels.
    • These extravagant cases feature materials such as gold, diamonds, and genuine leather. 
    • The high-end custom cases allow iPhone users to showcase their style and make a bold statement.

    Extravagant Custom Branded iPhone Cases

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  4. Why is 10.09 Set on all Watch Advertisements?

    If you have been paying close attention to advertisements on watches you may have noticed something very eerie. Why do nearly all watch companies set their time pieces at 10.09? Everyone from Rolex, Apple Watch, IWC, Sony Smartwatch, TAG, Casio and many others have their advertisements set at 10.09. In fact even the custom branded watches on our website are set at 10.09. Don't believe me? Well check out these advertisements:

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  5. Unbelievable Custom Recycled Products

    It's no secret that products composed of recycled materials are some of the most popular on the market today. Not only are they an environmentally friendly way to reduce wastage, their stylish looks make them attractive items to gift to others. But they're all pretty straight forward, right? You recycle cardboard and it comes back to life in a notebook. No! Sometimes the materials used to create eco friendly products are quite different from what you'd expect. Case in point, the Wishbone Bike Recycled Edition which is composed of primarily recycled carpet.


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  6. Useful Stuff That Comes on a Carabiner Hook

    The Carabiner hook, originally an invention to aid climbers attach themselves quickly and safely to the side of a mountain or onto a wall has become a surprisingly useful product for people on the go. Students and gym junkies love them, whilst heaps of other applications make them perfect for almost anyone. Just for fun, we thought we highlight some of the coolest products that are available on the end of a Carabiner Hook.

    Coolest Products on the Back of a Clip

    • Sriracha is the go-to chilli sauce for those who want to add a serious kick to their meals. The internationally recognised "rooster sauce" is now available in a refillable mini bottle complete with carabiner. Handy for the chilli aficionado who needs their sauce regardless of location. Attach to a bag or handbag and you're set for any meal on the go!

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  7. Monday Marketing Idea Throw Toasties off a Building

    This cafe delivers its Sandwiches by throwing them off a building! In the process it has created itself quite a unique piece of marketing through word of mouth and online buzz. Whilst some businesses market their products by running advertisements and others market by using promotional merchandise, this Melbourne Cafe has turned to throwing their product off a building and by the looks of it, getting quite successful at doing that too!


    • Unique marketing ideas generate buzz and excitement around your brand.
    • Interactive marketing campaigns and personalized experiences build lasting relationships with customers. 
    • Differentiation through unique marketing ideas gives businesses a competitive edge.

    The Unique Marketing Idea

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  8. Creative Promotional Packaging Design

    We've touched on the topic of creative promotional packaging design before, but we figured with so many unique packaging ideas being produced in 2014 it's certainly a topic worth discussing again. Here are some of our favourite recent promotional packaging designs that manage to combine practicality with bold creativity.

    Stylish Custom Printed Packaging

    • These Volksbier can designs forgo the standard canned beer look and opt for packaging that makes the drinks look like glasses of beer. A very need optical illusion that takes advantage of full colour label prints in serious style.

    • This wine packaging promotes the drink
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  9. Embossed Notebooks for Geeks

    Nothing quite says luxury like embossing on a high quality product. Whether we're talking executive leather compendiums or Moleskine notebooks, an embossed product shows recipients that genuine time and care has been taken to raise or sink a design into the item of choice. Our love for the fine art of embossing is what first drew us to these incredible promotional notebooks featuring geeky designs in all their embossed glory.


    1. Embossed notebooks elevate branding efforts.
    2. Geeks love unique embossed notebook designs.
    3. Quality and personalization set brands apart.

    Embossed Luxury Journal Notebooks

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  10. Funny Product Labels

    Warning: This blog post will give you a serious case of the giggles! We came across these hilarious images of signs and labels that are strange, make no sense but are down right funny. Now, I know safety labels are absolutely serious and are intended to keep adults and children safe. In other instances labeling of products are required by law to ensure compliance. In saying that though some of these examples below are puzzling.


    1. Use humour to enhance brand promotion.
    2. Incorporate unconventional labels for memorable experiences.
    3. Funny product labels increase brand visibility.

    Safety Label & Warnings on Products

    All the shirts that we sell are properly labelled with regular things like:
    - How to Care for the garment
    - Material composition
    - Country of origin

    However, at no point in time did we think that we needed to warn people to "remove child,"

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